Suzhou, a drunken youth emergency room to jump River Police Medical Rescue cashmere mafia

Suzhou a drunken youth make emergency room to jump into the River Police Medical Rescue Qi Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Chen Feng He Jie) sent down a few decimal, Wang depressed even drank two bottles of wine to drink, the basic "fragments". Was rushed to the hospital after the emergency room jumped down the river. October 24th, the modern express reporter learned from the Suzhou science and technology city hospital, fortunately, the police and medical staff rescue in a timely manner, Wang did not hinder. October 23rd afternoon, the Suzhou science and technology city hospital emergency room sent a 20 year old drunken young man, lying on the bed he was very emotional, accompanied by aggressive behavior. When he arrived at the hospital, he jumped out of bed. The hospital promptly notify the police station and a science and technology city dispatched medical and security personnel to follow the protection, to seek an opportunity to bring him back to the emergency room for treatment. In order to prevent others close, the young man even picked up a big brick, then lie on the side of the hospital bridge. With the increase in the number of onlookers and police officers rushed to the police station, he asked him to return the items and put him away from the hospital is willing to come down from the pipe. As a matter of fact, he didn’t have anything on his way to the hospital. Not to wait for everyone to respond, he jumped down, he immediately called for help. The river is 3 meters deep, and the water temperature is low, if not timely rescue, I am afraid there is danger guy. At this time, the hospital property manager, security captain and a policeman jumped down to rescue him. Property managers also lost a pair of glasses worth more than 2000 yuan, in an interview he said to save the matter, glasses with a pair of good. It is worth mentioning that the temporary emergency warehouse from the hospital transferred to the life buoy and rope sent a great deal of use. In cooperation with all the youth, is from the water drop up, dragged from the he shouted "I die for you too!" According to the hospital emergency department Xiufeng fan, deputy director of the physician, was rescued by Wang Xiaoting a lot. He immediately gave Wang made some sober measures, examination of the head and the chest CT. Fortunately, in addition to some skin trauma and found no other problems. It is understood that the man surnamed Wang, from Henan to Puyang, arrived in Suzhou soon, have yet to find a job. When they were sent down a few decimal words had a quarrel, depressed him so he drank two bottles of wine, he said "drink to completely fragment". After waking up, Xiao Wang regretted what he had done. Modern Express reporter learned from the hospital in Wang come soon, the hospital also admitted a patients with alcoholism, the situation is better than Wang critical, hospital emergency gave him a series of emergency measures to make it through the dangerous. Special reminder of the hospital, excessive drinking on the liver and gallbladder damage, remember not to drink too much.相关的主题文章:

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