Suzhou residents to buy food to ease the Pingjiang city a new farmers market yuria

To solve the Pingjiang residents to buy food to alleviate the difficult problem of Suzhou city residents to buy food added to a farmers market in Pingjiang metro, Pingjiang Metro will improve the distribution market this year, as the project this year. Yesterday, Jiang Zhoulu farmers market officially opened. Farmers market area of 2600 square meters, with a total of 120 stalls, a total investment of 96 million yuan. The old man who lives in Pingjiang City, the past has been to buy food points to ease the surrounding, or simply take a few bus station to Lou door farms. Now, the new market opened after you buy vegetables and all kinds of fresh food at home will be able to feel the life more convenient. At the same time, the new market opened, the road walking vendors is also much less, be effective in improving the environment. At the same time, farmers market is also set up a special rest area, especially for the elderly, children with parents rest. Jiang Zhoulu farmers market the project in strict accordance with a class of Suzhou city farmers market standard construction, ventilation and lighting, drainage, fire, water and electricity installation are set by professional design, is a kind of standard, the new city center of the farmers market project, is also the first city center has indoor air conditioning, escalator market. In addition, the farmers market is also supporting the surrounding banks, supermarkets, convenience stores, catering and other facilities to facilitate public life.相关的主题文章:

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