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Taiwan earthquake collapsed buildings involving Jerry builders dismissal of the original title: Taiwan earthquake collapse wingain building Jerry builders appeal was dismissed in February 16th, collapsed in the 6 Kaohsiung earthquake occurred in the Tainan wingain building site, near the road traffic has been restored, large machinery continues to release the original building foundation. China News Agency reporter Liu Shuling photo Beijing, February 20, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Tainan District songwe crown building not only cut corners, beam column joint stirrup reinforcement even shortage of quantity, diameter and spacing are different and the structure calculation; builders of Lin Minghui was in custody counter appeal (appeal), Tainan branch Jerry, borrow card construction supervision to avoid suspicion, dismissed the appeal. Prosecutors suspect because Jerry songwe crown Jinlong building collapse case, claim custody of Lin Minghui’s argument is that, building structure calculation and reinforcement layout does not match the number 50% configuration diagram of beam column joint stirrup is structuralcalculations written, which is the main reason and judge discretion. However, the prosecution not only to check these, also found that the structure calculation design of reinforcement diameter is 1.6 cm, but the steel configuration chart of 1.3 cm, 10 cm spacing to 1 bar, is actually only 13 cm. 1. But Lin Minghui was in custody of a counter appeal is not convinced, though, not to mention the lack of beam column joint stirrup, but did not borrow card nor Jerry argued. Tainan branch spokesman Shen Yangren said, after considering building structure calculation and reinforcement details, found reinforcement diameter and distance are not, contrary to the engineering design practice. The other dimension of crown building was designed by architect Zheng Jingui Jinlong to borrow Zhang Kuibao’s license to be responsible for the architect, but two people are denied involvement in the design or supervision. The construction of the building by the Dragon Crown Victoria class a construction plant, did not create wingain Factory Licence, borrow Daxin’s licenses, as contractors who build their own. Shen Yangren said, because of the Lin Minghui, Zheng Jingui, Zhang Kui, P.G. syndrome and related witnesses v. significant differences, in order to clarify the causes of the collapse of building, and it is necessary to investigate and communications related personnel, dismissed the appeal. Editor in chief: Ni Zijian

台湾地震倒塌大楼涉偷工减料 建筑商上诉遭驳回   原标题:台地震倒塌维冠大楼偷工减料 建筑商上诉遭驳回   2月16日,在6日发生的高雄地震中倒塌的台南维冠大楼现场,附近道路交通已恢复,大型机械持续清理原大楼地基。 中新社记者 刘舒凌 摄   中新网2月20日电 据台湾《联合报》报道,台南地检署查维冠大楼偷工减料,不只梁柱接头箍筋数量短少,连配筋的直径与间距都和结构计算书不合;建筑商林明辉对遭羁押提抗告(上诉),台南高分院以偷工减料、借牌建造规避监督查核嫌疑,驳回抗告。   检方查维冠金龙大楼疑因偷工减料倒塌案,声请羁押林明辉的论点是,发现大楼的结构计算书与钢筋配置图不符,配置图梁柱接头箍筋的数量较结构计算书所写的少50%,这也是法官裁押的主要原因。   不过,检方不只查到这些,还发现结构计算书设计配筋直径是1.6公分,钢筋配置图却用1.3公分,间距10公分要放1根钢筋,实际上是13公分才设1根。但林明辉对遭羁押不服气,提抗告,虽未提梁柱接头箍筋短少问题,却辩称没借牌也没偷工减料。   台南高分院发言人沈扬仁表示,经审阅大楼建造的结构计算书与配筋详图,发现配筋的直径、间距都不合,违背工程设计惯例。另维冠金龙大楼是由建筑师郑进贵借张魁宝的执照来担任负责建筑师,但两人都否认参与设计或监造。   兴建维冠金龙大楼需由甲级营造厂建造,维冠没营造厂牌照,借用大信公司的牌照,担任承造人,自己建造。   沈扬仁说,因林明辉、郑进贵、张魁宝供诉和相关证人的证述有重大歧异,为厘清建物倒塌原因,且有调查及传讯相关人员的必要,驳回抗告。 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章:

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