Taiyuan Yi Fen Street renovation project into the sprint phase, paving two layers of asphalt-aquaria

Since the street reconstruction project of Taiyuan Yi Fen road has entered the final stage with two layers of asphalt Taiyuan news network Yifen street reconstruction project started two months after the builders efforts, has entered the final stage. In October 30th, the reporter on the scene saw the vast majority of road has two layers of asphalt paving, the key nodes in the project — the Blackwater River and back water West Main Canal Bridge, box girder erection has come to an end. Yi Fen street is one of the most important trunk roads in Hexi District of our city. The reconstruction project was officially launched in August 25th. The project of East Yifen bridge west of King Road, West to the peace road, a total length of 1.8 kilometers, planning red line width of 50 meters, including the construction of buildings, roads, bridges, sewage, lighting, landscaping, traffic facilities, and water supply, gas supply, heating and power supply pipeline. After the transformation, the original two-way 4 lanes will be expanded into two-way 8 lanes, and the traffic capacity of vehicles will be greatly improved. After less than 70 days, remarkable progress has been made in the reconstruction project of Yi Fen street. From the peaceful north road to the East, the main road is twice as wide as it used to be. On the wide carriageway, most of the pavement has been paved with two layers of asphalt. Pedestrian paving brick has been paved on many sections, and paving asphalt has been basically completed in two layers. The most critical nodes of Yi Fen street reconstruction project are the newly built big black river drainage channel and the West Main Canal bridge. These two bridges have been demolished and rebuilt in this transformation because they do not have the capacity of the new period. In the process of bridge construction, it is in the downstream irrigation water period and more rain season, and to ensure the normal operation of the original pipeline, so the construction is extremely difficult. In order to ensure the pile foundation engineering construction unit according to plan, set up a special plate to ensure the normal flow of the river canal. In order to ensure the construction period, they simultaneously carried out the bridge foundation engineering and the bridge deck box girder prefabrication. At present, other box girders have been erected except for the erection of the box girders on the south side of the main channel. In order to solve the traffic jam problem at the peak period of the intersection of Yi Fen street, this transformation set up the microcirculation here. In the future, from Yi Qiao East to the vehicle, want to turn West Binhe Road southbound, you can directly in the west side of the waterfront Sports Center right turn, you can reach the destination. At present, the paving of the water stable layer of the micro circulation road has been completed, and paving asphalt will begin soon.

太原漪汾街改造工程进入冲刺阶段 路面已铺两层沥青   太原新闻网讯 漪汾街改造工程开工两个月以来,经过广大建设者的努力,目前已进入冲刺阶段。10月30日记者在现场看到,绝大部分路面已摊铺了两层沥青,最关键的节点工程――大黑水河退水渠和西干渠桥梁,箱梁架设也已进入尾声。   漪汾街是我市河西地区最重要的主干道之一,改造工程8月25日正式开工。该工程东起漪汾桥西望景路口,西至和平北路,全长1.8公里,规划红线宽50米,建设内容包括拆迁、道路、桥梁、雨污水、照明、绿化、交通设施等,以及供水、供气、供热、供电等配套管线。改造后将由原来的双向4车道扩为双向8车道,车辆通行能力大幅提高。   不足70天时间后,漪汾街改造工程取得显著进展。从和平北路口向东一路而行,行车的主路面比过去足足宽了一倍。宽阔的行车道上,绝大部分路面已摊铺了两层沥青。许多路段已铺设了行人便道砖,辅路路面沥青也已基本完成了两层摊铺。   漪汾街改造工程最关键的节点是新建大黑水河退水渠和西干渠桥梁。这两座桥梁由于已不具备新时期通行能力,在这次改造中全部拆掉重建。桥梁建设过程中,正处于下游灌溉用水期及雨水较多季节,再加上保证原有管线正常运行,因而施工难度极大。为保证桩基工程按计划实施,施工单位专门设置了钢板河渠,确保河水正常流动。为保证工期,他们同步开展了桥梁基础工程和桥面箱梁预制。目前,除大黑水河退水渠南侧箱梁即将开始架设外,其他箱梁已全部架设完成。   为解决漪汾街望景路口高峰期交通拥堵问题,这次改造专门在这里设置了微循环。今后从漪汾桥东来的车辆,欲转上滨河西路南行,可直接在滨河体育中心西侧连续右转,即可达到目的地。目前,该微循环道路水稳层铺筑已完成,即将开始摊铺沥青。相关的主题文章:

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