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Have you told me that the cabinet is the most important part of people’s kitchen decoration. With the people for the decoration, especially the kitchen decoration requirements are getting higher and higher, the cabinet industry has also been rapid development. In the selection of cabinets really have a kind of "squandering charming eyes" feeling, whether color or material type, are people looking around them. In the selection of cabinets, should first the basic structure of kitchen cabinets have a more detailed understanding of this, you and the designer] communication, and the ultimate choice of products is very helpful. First, the basic structure of   the cabinet body comprises a wall cabinet, decorative cabinet, [font=] cabinet, and high closet door; including: wood doors, Aluminum Alloy doors, glass doors, shutter doors and other decorative panels; including: shelves, roof and top line, the top sealing plate, plate, skirt table; include: artificial stone countertops, fire board table, resistance [font=] egger U.S. fitness table, stainless steel countertops, natural stone (marble or granite countertops); including: foot feet, adjustable legs and a connecting piece. Adjustable feet usually have a hard plastic (quality ABS[font=]) and metal (Lv Hejin) two; can be equipped with plastic or aluminum baseboard skirting; hardware accessories include: door hinge, guide, handle, hanging code, other accessories, [font=] accessories and other decorative structure; function parts include: Star (artificial stone basin and basin stainless steel pots), tap, sewer, soap dispenser, pull the basket, Lycra, racks, meter boxes, trash and other appliances; lampblack machine, disinfection cabinet, refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave oven and dishwasher; lamps: plate lights, roof lights, various internal and external type cabinet lamp. Two, the cabinet door variety   fire door plate paint door crystal board molded door stainless steel door wood door double decorative door board   just above the cabinet material of the tip of the iceberg, when consumers choose to do or look, smell, ask, cut and choose the cabinet when we must understand, see. Don’t let many squandering our eyes!相关的主题文章:

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