The 1 billion order object established only 2 months of GREE electric appliances by the Shenzhen Sto aizi

The 1 billion order object established only 2 months of GREE electric appliances by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange inquiry original title: GREE electric appliances within three days of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was two inquiries since GREE announced increase and raising the acquisition of silver long new energy plan in mid August, was acquired by the subject silver long new energy has become the focus of attention. In November 2nd, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on GREE again issued letters of concern. The day before the Zhuhai silver long signed 1000 new energy vehicles orders issue with the Guangdong CITIC sun, GREE electric requirements further illustrate the entry into force of the contract and the liability for breach of contract. Previously, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 31 October the company issued a letter asking for attention, GREE on November 4th before the acquisition of Zhuhai clear silver long bill on the whole is identified as through transactions and follow-up arrangements. Guangdong CITIC Sun established only 2 months of October 18th, silver long new energy announcement that signed a 1000 new energy vehicles with a company called Guangdong CITIC sun orders, CITIC sun will put the 1000 electric cars into one called "love health China miles" public welfare activities, according to media reports, the number of silver long new energy over the first 8 months of this year more than half of the cumulative sales of 1884 vehicles passenger cars, signed a total of about 1 billion yuan. Beijing News reporter from the enterprise credit information publicity system to understand, at present Guangdong CITIC Sun established only 2 months, the registered capital of 100 million yuan, signed a total of about 1 billion yuan a large single, was also questioned how to perform online. In addition, the "love health China miles" public welfare activities, is related to the subject of "China aging development foundation" and denied the announcement will be accountable. Industry observer Liang Zhenpeng believes that the Shenzhen Stock Exchange may be in accordance with the relevant procedures to carry out a normal inquiries. One thousand new energy vehicle orders and GREE acquisition of Zhuhai silver dragon has no essential relationship. GREE will adjust the program and continue to push for the Commission to ask again, in November 2nd, the Beijing News reporter contacted the relevant person in charge of GREE, said, Zhuhai silver long associated with the Guangdong CITIC sunshine question has issued notice to respond on October 30th. GREE electric in October 30th issued a notice that the sum of 1000 units of pure electric buses orders signed the target company and CITIC Guangdong sunshine is mainly delivered in 2017, has little effect on the operating performance of the company in 2016; the company currently operates normally, orders in hand full, pure electric passenger car product demand, higher probability of expected commitment the performance of the target company, not directly involved in the "great love of health Chinese miles" public welfare activities, has no relationship with the organizing committee. The afternoon of October 31st, a person close to GREE internal executives who revealed to the media, GREE will not give up the acquisition of long silver, "will be adjusted to the current plan, continue to promote, how to modify, still studying." Shanghai Minglun lawyer Wang Zhibin told reporters on the Beijing News, information from the public point of view, the market still believes that the Bank of Zhuhai uplift and Guangdong CITIC Sunshine 1相关的主题文章:

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