The 150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Zhongshan coat of inheritance and innovation splitit

Sun Zhongshan: the 150 anniversary of the birth of the inheritance and innovation of the Beijing – Chinese tunic suit in Guangdong. In November 13 Zhongshan Xinhua News Agency: the inheritance and innovation of Chinese tunic suit in reporter willow fate to Chen Fuxing with the tunic this generation is already fourth. Now, Chen Fuxing thought is not only the inheritance and innovation of Chinese tunic suit. Due to the production of exquisite tunic appropriately, Chen Fuxing’s grandparents opened in Singapore and Macao is famous for the tailor. Small monasteries, so that Chen Fuxing’s father Chen Wenzhu began to design, 15 years old sewing his beloved tunic. Until the last century in 90s, Chen Wenzhu returned to Guangdong, Zhongshan set up a clothing factory, mainly from orders from Hongkong, Macao. As the business up, Chen Wenzhu found that they do tunic orders are becoming more and more. "Organized activities to commemorate Sun Zhongshan will use the suit in Zhongshan city. We have ideas, can create a suit in the city of Zhongshan clothing brand". So in 2005, the Chinese dress brand. "The Chinese dress" director Chen Fuxing, told News Agency reporters, "now store suit has annual sales of 10% to 20% growth". This home is located in Zhongshan city Zhongshan road three clothing store because of the window filled with different styles of suits and particularly conspicuous. From the perspective of Front Gate, trademark design is like a traditional "?", and looks like a tunic. A wall of the store filled with former French Prime Minister Raffarin, former South Korean Prime Minister Li Shoucheng, Hongkong actor Jackie Chan and others dressed in tunic photos. The outside world has been a legend about the tunic, which suits are given meanings: the four-dimensional four representative in the clothing pocket, five button (integrity) meaning "five power constitution" (the executive power, legislative power, judicial power, supervision power, examination power); on the sleeve three button, emphasizing the national democracy and people’s livelihood the "three people’s principles". There are no seams back without secession, peaceful reunification cause. In Chen Fuxing’s opinion, regardless of whether they were permeated the ruling idea, suit at the beginning of the design is to remind people of the time in the shape of the time change. And the era of change for a fashion business means that because of the change". The first thing that is most noticeable is the color of the dress. Chen Fuxing pointed to a grey suit traditional said: "in the past, the color is relatively simple, but gray is blue or black, white is already jumping." After improvement, the gray tunic side lined with red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple colors of Chinese tunic suit. In addition to color, Chen Fuxing said they have improved fabrics. "In the past, the fabrics are Hua Dane, folk more card, cloth and so on. And now all kinds of fabrics can make the appearance of Chinese tunic suit." Chen Fuxing touched the tunic pocket, "if the recommended four pocket tunic to today’s young people, most of them will say that they are not suitable for them, not the people of this age to wear. Therefore, it is necessary to simplify the market demand." The trend of the world, go forward with great strength and vigour. Everything has a breeding ground.相关的主题文章:

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