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More atmosphere of "national consciousness" (people’s Forum) – Inner Mongolia Channel – People’s network holiday is approaching, many people have packed up the luggage out of the way. Indulge in the magnificent mountains and rivers, infiltration in the splendid history and culture, witnessing the development achievements, when we use the foot measurement, the heart, may also be in this country, this piece of land, this time, have more sense of identity, sense of belonging, inspire more "national consciousness" national consciousness "". Indeed, in the Temple No. two would be on the launch track, in the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and again raised the flag, during the G20 summit in Hangzhou dazzling light in the sea, we can see the development of the motherland "continue to open up space". When this happens, how to become a qualified "big citizen" is the question that every Chinese can think about. A "historical China" needs us to guard it. The day before the National Day in September 30th, has been established as martyrs memorial day. This is a symbol: the founding and development of new China can not do without the dedication and sacrifice of martyrs. Czech writer Fuchik in "the report under the gallows", urged people not to forget the hero, because every faithful to the future, in order to better future at the expense of the people is a stone statue ". Common history is the country’s dome, how can we let this disgraceful shining stars in the sky? The occasion of national day, let us together to defend the dignity of the hero, historical memory. Whether to visit red spots, listen to the voices echoed in the history; or enter the "online memorial", for those victims selfless and fearless devotees offer sincere wish; or read a Book praising the heroes books, watch a show can look back in history, in the spirit of the flames cleanse our hearts the dust, the answer of "who we are" the problem better. A "cultural China" needs us to inherit it. Not long ago, at the Shaanxi Museum of history, there was a scene: nearly an hour from the opening, and the ticket team had become a long queue. This scene reflects the warmth of thousands of years of history, respect for traditional culture. "Standing in a vast land of five thousand years of history, everyone is the traditional culture of" enlightening "," the words, vividly tells a great national culture mentality more self-reliance. On the occasion of national day, let us feel the charm of culture and the value of culture. No matter natural scenery or cultural interest, don’t just take them as the background of photography. Taste which contains the spirit factor, which shows the cultural understanding of philosophy, to our knowledge, feelings, frames into a "picture of the mind thinking a thousand years", in order to dialogue and culture, answer "where we come from" the problem better. A world of China, we need to show. From Zimbabwe overseas Chinese "can’t not love the mother group, Chinese to coach Mexico diving team won the Pan American Games diving gold medal, President Xi Jinping in many countries of the speech, will tell the general Chinese" folk diplomacy "story. In the era of earth village, with China, standing in the center of the world stage, is hundreds of millions of Chinese people, every Chinese people 涵养更大气的“国民意识”(人民论坛)–内蒙古频道–人民网   长假将至,很多人已经收拾好出门的行囊。沉醉于壮美的山川河流,浸润在灿烂的历史文化,见证着辉煌的发展成就,当我们用脚丈量、用心感受,或许也会对这个国家、这片土地、这个时代,产生更多认同感、归属感,激发更强的“国家意识”“国民意识”。  的确,在天宫二号扶摇而上的升空轨迹中,在奥运会、残奥会一次次升起的国旗中,在G20峰会期间杭州璀璨夺目的灯海中,我们能看到祖国发展不断打开的“上升空间”。当此之时,如何做一个合格的“大国民”,正是每个中国人都可以思考的问题。  一个“历史的中国”,需要我们去守护。国庆节前一天的9月30日,已被确立为烈士纪念日。这是一个象征:新中国的成立与发展,离不开烈士们的奉献与牺牲。捷克作家伏契克在《绞刑架下的报告》中,吁请人们不要忘记英雄,因为“每一个忠实于未来、为了美好的未来而牺牲的人都是一座石质的雕像”。共同的历史是国家的穹顶,我们怎能让这天空中闪耀的群星蒙尘?  国庆之际,让我们一起赓续历史记忆、捍卫英雄尊严。无论是造访红色景点,倾听回荡在历史深处的声音;还是进入“网上纪念馆”,为那些无私的奉献者、无畏的牺牲者献上一瓣心香;或是读一本赞美英雄的书籍、看一场回望历史的演出,都能在精神的熊熊火光中涤荡我们心灵的尘埃,更好地回答“我们是谁”的问题。  一个“文化的中国”,需要我们去传承。不久前,在陕西历史博物馆见到这样一幕:距离开馆还有近一个小时,购票的队伍已成一条长龙。这一场景,折射出人们对千年历史的温情、对传统文化的敬意。“站立在有着五千年历史的广袤大地上,每个人都是传统文化的‘燃灯者’”,网友的话,生动道出一个大国国民愈发自立自强的文化心态。  国庆之际,让我们一起感受文化的魅力、思考文化的价值。不管是自然风光,还是人文名胜,都不要仅仅把它们当做拍照的背景。细味其中蕴含的精神因子,体悟其中展现的文化哲思,把我们的见闻、感受,定格成一幅“思接千载”的心灵图景,才能在与文化的对话中,更好地回答“我们从哪里来”的问题。  一个“世界的中国”,需要我们去展现。从津巴布韦华侨中“非爱不可”的妈妈团体,到中国教练指导墨西哥跳水队包揽泛美运动会跳水金牌,习近平主席在很多国家的演讲中,都会讲述普通中国人的“民间外交”故事。地球村时代,与中国一起站在世界舞台中央的,是亿万中国人,每一个中国人都是“国家名片”。  国庆之际,让我们一起敞开胸襟,拥抱世界。当每年超过1亿人次跨出国门,注意举止文明、学会入乡随俗,刷新“中国游客”的形象;当媒体、网络让世界与我们“零距离”,少些隔阂对立,多点对话交流,展现“大国网民”的风采,就能以更开放的心态、更自信的姿态,更好地回答“我们到哪里去”的问题。  心理学上有“皮格马利翁效应”的说法――你会成为自己所期待成为的那个人。从自己做起,把爱国情怀变成“大国气质”,守护历史中国、传承文化中国、展现世界中国,你就能成为更加从容大气的“大国民”。(本系列评论到此结束)    《 人民日报 》( 2016年09月30日 04 版) (责编:刘泽、曾晓强)相关的主题文章:

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