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The bathroom door hidden clever space pattern when?? the large-sized apartment decoration, many owners will effort to save space, but some owners in order to save space, the function of each region are added together, if the design is not good, can let a person feel the room is in a clutter, no sense of hierarchy messy and disordered. ?? This paper will shift in sanitary space, layout division to do a detailed discussion, to the owners more professional bathroom door collocation suggestions. ?? 1, space partition and toilet containing clear?? the case of bathroom space is relatively large, so can weaken the space requirements, and because the whole bathroom width is large, so the door also need a little, some people think that the bathroom space does not need to do this shift gate, although the decoration design. Is everyone has his hobby, but if space permits, dry area can be separated and reasonable planning, and other Home Furnishing this sliding door with the color of the bathroom in the same color, to ensure the overall coordination, and the door is sandwiched between Taiwan and Taiwan wash storage, actually for space is very limited. ?? 2, push-pull door effectively save space?? the bathroom showroom space compared to a set of area a lot, for such a large-sized apartment bathroom, it is best to set the sliding door, we can see in the picture, the bathroom sliding and the bathroom the same color also can not, at first glance find the door, so it is good to save the bathroom space, let the door occupy less limited resources, is also very good coordination. ?? 3, the Japanese pushed the necessary elements of doors and decoration of the wind?? this door is suitable for the Japanese family decoration, wood texture with Japanese natural elegant charm. Design of sliding door does not occupy space, also can play a good role of students, make the space more changes, rich Home Furnishing level. ?? 4, the glass door texture to create the perfect space?? have to say another door materials, it is actually a glass door, glass door appeared in the daily home improvement in the frequency is not high, there is more in the hotel, office area and other places, but also can put the glass door in the home decoration that can create a more stylish, more feeling of space for the whole home. ?? But the glass door is transparent, making sense of space at the same time, many owners think the glass door can not protect the privacy in the bathroom space, if you worry about that, can the glass door do some pattern or matte texture, to avoid the embarrassment of this part. In fact, although the bathroom space?? occupied area is less than the living room, dining room, bedroom is so big, but its function is greater than the absolute in these areas, the toilet, toilet, shower, storage need to be divided in this narrow space, and used the space partition door also played a big role, if the bathroom you can choose a small sliding door, if the area is large enough, can be in the bathroom area and then set the door division.相关的主题文章:

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