The Beijing edition group focus on the future China – Sohu founded literature reading demonophobia

The Beijing edition published: focus on the future China literature group – Sohu reading colorful autumn in October, the Forum on literature and art of contention of a hundred schools of thought. The morning of October 25th, October "Youth Literature" launch Publishing Group multifunctional hall 12 was held in Beijing. The Journal Publication Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department Director Ni Yi, the State Press and Publication Administration of press office director Ding Zhiyong, Beijing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Han Yu, deputy director of the Beijing press and Publication Bureau of radio and television Zhang Su, general manager of Beijing publishing group, Qu Zhong, editor in chief Li Qingxia and other leaders attended the ceremony. Beijing Publishing Group Chairman Joe bin, vice president, director of the committee, children’s literature writers China famous writer Gao Hongbo, October "Youth Literature" magazine editor, the Andersen prize winner, a famous writer of children’s literature, Cao Wenxuan gave speeches. The editorial board of the Journal of famous children’s literature writers Shu Peide, Jin Bo, fan Fajia, children’s book publishing expert Hai Fei Wu Ran, writer of children’s literature, "children’s Literature" magazine editor Xu Dexia, deputy editor of "people’s Literature", literary critic Li Xuebin Li Donghua children and children’s literature as an increase of more than forty equal writer of children’s literature, children’s book publisher, and Song Qingling the foundation, the book industry association, Beijing Xinhua pioneer culture media Limited, Beijing alumni Park Education Media Group and other units of the guests arrived at the scene to congratulate. Second, Beijing City Experimental hugulou center primary school, Yumin primary school and other ten key primary and secondary school leaders and student representatives also participated in the event. The event the students read "our October" (author: Gao Hongbo) "October" focus on the future China literature inheritance and development of Beijing Publishing Group Chairman Joe bin in his speech, first introduced the Beijing publishing group founded in October "Youth Literature" the purpose and significance, he said, "October" is a famous large the literary journal brand, in the new period of development, need to expand the brand extension, the needs of the new era readers obtain beneficial enlightenment from the spirit and enjoy. Therefore, focusing on the development and inheritance of China literature in the future, focus on the Houzhi Chinese literary group founded in October soil, "youth literature". For the October "Youth Literature" published direction and purpose, Joe bin chairman said: the founder of the new October "Youth Literature" will uphold the "October" pure literary character in narrative works, novels mainly cultivate children’s literature original new forces, to fill gaps in our children’s literature periodicals; advocate of reality life concern and reflection, the pursuit of elegant and profound artistic conception of literature, is committed to build the field of children’s literature works of literary heights; the trend of the times, "all media" journals, books, periodicals, web works can read and listen to see, let the literature truly "live" with an international perspective, the most; the new short works set up columns of the introduction of foreign children’s literature writers, promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. Beijing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Han Yu fully affirmed the Beijing Publishing Group in the "October" brand cultivation and efforts, that the October publication of "Youth Literature" is a "turn around" Beijing Publishing Group journals brand, "October" brand extension, efforts to develop the witness is an important measure of development of Beijing the cause of prosperity of children’s literature. His strong.相关的主题文章:

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