The Discipline Committee of Tangshan Municipal Committee Liu Deming was transferred to Handan.

The Discipline Committee of Tangshan Municipal Committee Liu Deming was transferred to Handan. Chinese Economic Net Tangshan on November 25th according to a comprehensive report of Bohai news network news, the morning of November 23rd, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection theory study group collective learning the article "Li gauntlet comrades resolutely safeguard the Party Central Committee and the central Commission for Discipline Inspection Authority" Wu Jian Xuesi column "strictly from the strict party political life". Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Liu Deming presided over the study and speech. According to China Economic Net party leaders library information, previously, Tangshan City Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Cui Han served by the Municipal Committee, he has recently served as Deputy Secretary of the municipal government; Liu Deming previously served as the Handan Municipal Committee, Secretary general. Liu Deming Liu Deming resume Liu Deming, male, Han nationality, born in March 1964, Hebei Rongcheng people, on-the-job graduate, majoring in world economy school of economics of Hebei University, November 1984 to join the Communist Party China, to work in July 1985. Working experience in chemical plant in Quyang, Baoding Prefecture region science and technology department clerk, deputy magistrate, Deputy Chief Administrative Area Economic Commission technical section, Baoding City Economic and Trade Commission, director of technical transformation Boye Xian, Hebei provincial office reception reception a deputy director, researcher, deputy secretary of Yixian County County, the county (county level). 2008.05 Secretary of Yixian County County; Hebei province 2010.06 Yuanjiang front command deputy commander, Baoding municipal Party committee, Yuanjiang work ahead Command commander, Yuanjiang Xinjiang production and Construction Corps second division Party committee, deputy commander, Tiemenguan Municipal Committee, Xinjiang guannong puree group Limited by Share Ltd party secretary and chairman of the Standing Committee; 2014.01, the Handan municipal Party Secretary General; 2016.11 Tangshan Municipal Committee, discipline committee.相关的主题文章:

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