The Economist the Bank of Japan’s negative interest rate of RMB or suppress the yen devaluation roselip

The Economist: the Bank of Japan’s negative interest rates weighed on the yen RMB or depreciation of the Bank of Japan (BOJ) FX168 news on Friday (January 29th) an implementation of negative interest rate policy, will focus on financial institutions at the central bank deposit charge interest on excess reserves, to prevent global market volatility and loss of business confidence and the risk of deflation mentality recovery. This move was unexpected, before without any signs, dollar yen skyrocketing in resolution 2%, at 121.16, had once rose 2.2%, its biggest gain since 2014 October. Bloomberg economist Chen Shiyuan said, the yen fell over Italy yuan may also face depreciation pressure, if the central bank Chinese (PBOC) intends to maintain a stable currency basket. Data show that the current yen in CFETS RMB exchange rate index weight accounted for 14.7%. Chen Shiyuan pointed out that Chinese in October last year the central bank RRR cuts, would be reluctant to cut interest rates and deposit reserve ratio, take action now may increase pressure. Chinese benchmark lending rate is currently 4.35% proof: Mac into the sina finance [shares] discussion

经济学家:日本央行负利率打压日元 人民币或贬值   FX168讯 日本央行(BOJ)上周五(1月29日)意外实施负利率政策,将针对金融机构存放在央行的超额准备金收取利息,以防范全球市场波动损及企业信心并使通缩心态复苏的风险。   这一举措完全出乎市场预料之外,之前毫无任何征兆,美元 日元在决议后疯涨2%,报121.16,此前一度涨2.2%,创下2014年10月份以来最大涨幅。   彭博经济学家陈世渊表示,日元下跌意位着人民币可能也面临贬值压力,如果中国央行(PBOC)有意维持稳定的货币篮子。   数据显示,当前日元在CFETS人民币汇率指数中的权重占14.7%。   陈世渊指出,中国央行去年10月降准降息后,就不愿再下调利率或存款准备金率,如今采取行动的压力可能增加。中国贷款基准利率目前为4.35%   校对:Mac 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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