The greatest hero in the world big change interpretation of the most Hyun Lin wind (video) aquaria

"The greatest hero in the world" "big change" interpretation of the most Hyun Lin wind "Liu Meilin interpretation of the Nightingale like coloratura" Katyusha "than" Song Zuying "in August 28th is the greatest hero in the world," "the greatest hero in the world ushered in the golden season, to win the last hit number, each group of players have resorted to the killer himself. To quiet lyric style known as the Liu Meilin, the bold challenge of hot dance, to subvert the interpretation of the legendary Phoenix as the originator of the Divine Comedy: "dazzle most folk style", more in the show playing "changed the living" difficult magic, provoked netizens shouted too much fun"! The divine comedy dance remodeling in this program to subvert the interpretation, Liu Meilin chose to challenge a song of the legendary Phoenix "dazzle most folk style songs", "I am not a mix of India divine bride", the perfect fusion as a unique style of "Lin Mei" version of the divine comedy. In order to show the song to the extreme, Liu Meilin decided to change the route, the challenge of another field of their own. The performance starts, I saw her from fantasy to enchanting graceful dance, play a very mysterious, exotic costumes to bring out her charming posture, stunning appearance wowed the audience. In order to perfect the dance show, Liu Meilin accidentally injured in the leg in the night of rehearsal, but she still insisted on pain Ninja Dance training, sweat and tears left Taiwan, and finally got wonderful bloom on the table! "Big change" — the challenge never stop is only Liu Meilin music and dancing, and can not meet this challenge, in order to give the audience a surprise, especially when she joined the show in great difficulty for Magic – big change. Although the audience is no stranger to the magic, but in the performance of the music to challenge it, Liu Meilin, the young singer is really not afraid of newborn calves. Midway through the concert I saw Liu Meilin actually got into the box to the center of the stage, with the magic of the link, the disappearing suddenly appeared in her mentor’s side, when the song "you are my heart the most beautiful cloud" sounded again, mentor and audience who can not help blood boiling, suddenly surprised to Meilin again, for her successful magic show a cheer! Speaking of the magic show, although "Fu Magic" fourth generation descendant of Fu Yandong Qinshou, but Wang Qing or Liu Meilin for the show by pinching a sweat, he knew, to join in the singing of the nuanced, perfectness magic show, itself is a very risky thing, and the young Liu Meilin and whether can withstand such a test, he did not grasp the full. Apparently his worry is unnecessary, Liu Meilin used her "bold" and "cautious", expected to be completed over a brilliant performance! Continue to sing "the surprise Hyun Lin wind" singing one song, the host Li praise is really the Divine Comedy, in the magic lamp not only hidden giant, was behind the woman, Harlem Yu teacher immediately corrected, is called the "fairy". Harlem Yu said that he has been trying to adapt the most dazzling national wind, Liu Meilin this interpretation of the song, but also for their own, also willing to". Phoenix Legend Ling flower quipped: "songs have appeared, can now be packaged to work, call it a day!" In the booing, the Phoenix Legend combination is the scene personally:相关的主题文章:

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