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The history of the most stringent judicial examination in Suzhou 4775 candidates entering the brush face for a period of two days of the national judicial examination in 2016 September 25th it is understood that this year the city of Suzhou to participate in the national judicial examination registration number 4775, an increase of 19.2% over last year, a new record high enrollment. In September 25th, 30 points, the reporter saw in the gate of the experimental middle of Xu Jiang, before entering the test site, all candidates need to go through a safe channel. Face the camera and brush your ID card. According to reports, this year the exam has taken more stringent measures to prevent cheating in the test, each test using national judicial exam tube safety management system, adding the "safe passage" test, the candidates enter the examination room must by people by field ID scan reading, face recognition, called the history of the most stringent scott. In addition, in order to ensure the fairness of the examination, the whole monitoring network information during the examination in Suzhou area in the exam the whole video monitoring, radio management departments to monitor radio information, security supervision departments, the implementation of "zero tolerance for cheating". This examination is the first national judicial examination after the implementation of the criminal law amendment (nine), and the city National Judicial Examination Office reminds the majority of candidates that cheating in examinations has been punished, and the maximum sentence can be sentenced to seven years and fined. It is understood that this year, Suzhou City, a total of 4 test sites, respectively, is Xu Jiang experimental school, Zhenhua experiment school, Suzhou Open University and higher occupation technical school took the Su campus, were set 160 exam.

史上最严司法考试开考 苏州4775名考生刷脸进场为期两天的2016年国家司法考试9月25日据了解,今年苏州市参加国家司法考试报名人数4775人,较去年增长19.2%,报名人数再创历史新高。9月25日时30分,记者在胥江实验中学门口看到,在进入考点之前,所有考生都需要经过一个安全通道。面对摄像头,刷一下身份证。据介绍,今年考试在严防替考作弊上采取了更加严密的措施,每个考点均使用国家司法考试考管安全管理系统,增设“安全通道”检验,考生进入考场必须逐人逐场进行身份证扫读、人脸识别对比,堪称史上最严司考。另外,为确保考试公平公正,考试期间苏州考区各考场全程视频监控、无线电管理部门全程监控无线电信息、公安网监部门全程监控网络信息,对作弊行为实行“零容忍”。本次考试是在《刑法修正案(九)》实施后的首次国家司法考试,市国家司法考试办公室提醒广大考生,考试作弊已入刑,量刑最高可判处七年并处罚金,务必诚信参考。据了解,今年苏州市共设4个考点,分别是市胥江实验中学校、市振华实验中学校、苏州开放大学和市高等职业技术学校苏高工校区,共设置160个考场。相关的主题文章:

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