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The hopeless schedule of resettlement   converting the transfer of 150 thousand people — Guangxi Channel – original title next year: the EU is hopeless as scheduled next year will not transfer resettlement 150 thousand people, according to foreign media reports, the European Commission announced this month 28 days of refugee resettlement project progress report shows that the EU should not according to the plan before September 2017, resettlement arrived in Greece and Italy 150 thousand refugees. According to a report released on the same day, since the EU in September 2015, the introduction of refugee resettlement plan, only 5651 refugees from Greece and Italy to other member states. Reported that, in order to achieve the desired objectives, the EU member states need to relocate more than 15.4 refugees from Greece and Italy in the next year. EU media commented that the EU’s commitment may fall. In the past two months, more than 60 thousand refugees have been displaced, according to the report, and the government has transferred more than 1202 refugees this month. However, since July 12th, 7300 immigrants arrived in Greece, and another 52 thousand and 656 immigrants arrived in Italy. There are currently more than 60 thousand refugees stranded in greece. This shows that the "frontline" countries face increasing pressure, but the EU’s response is lagging behind. The EU said that as the number of immigrants arriving in Italy continued to increase, as well as the humanitarian situation in Greece remained severe, the transfer of refugees is still the key to alleviate the pressure on these countries. However, the EU Member States on the implementation of the plan for the resettlement of refugees is very different attitude and effort. France, Holland and Finland have the largest number of refugees from Greece and Italy, and Austria has made no commitment so far. Poland since April this year to withdraw from the implementation of the quota of refugees, refused to accept refugees in Italy and Greece; Hungary will be held next week to agree to accept the allocation of quotas for refugees to vote. Each member country differences increasingly EU minister domestic political 9- month 2015 vote by the resettlement plan, within the next two years to members within the scope of relocation 120 thousand passengers entering Italy, Greece and other countries of the refugees. Coupled with the 40 thousand members of the European Union earlier this month, the EU member states have agreed to transfer the quota, the EU member states in two years, the total number of refugees transferred to a total of 160 thousand people. However, with the EU Member States on the resettlement of refugees dissatisfied with the plan, the EU seems unable to achieve the goal. Slovakia’s prime minister Fico said earlier this week: "the quota system clear differentiation of the EU, so I think the plan has failed in politics." But his remark was lead to the institutions of the EU criticism. The EU has recently urged member states as in the past to accelerate the implementation of refugee resettlement program. Timmerman J, the first vice president of the European Commission, said: "the competent Member States should make more contributions immediately. As long as we are united and responsible, we will be able to effectively manage the asylum and immigration issues within Europe, while maintaining the Schengen area." (commissioning editor Pang Guanhua and Chen Lulu)相关的主题文章:

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