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The Japanese environment to recover radiation limit of "the new network in February Beijing baseless" speech – in 13, according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s environment marukawa pearl on the evening of 12 held a press conference on behalf of the amount of radiation, the long-term goal of "no scientific basis" speak the Fukushima nuclear accident make back speech after the central government set decontamination years. She said "it is important to do not live up to the Fukushima your ideas, will continue to perform their duties responsibly", denied the resign from cabinet. Marukawa said at the press conference, "sincere apologies to all the victims, and sincerely apologize once again". The opposition thought that the idea was not good enough to hold the issue in congress. According to the analysis, Marukawa may take into account this situation, and therefore decided that it is necessary to withdraw the speech as soon as possible to calm the matter. Marukawa explained that there is lack of that part again at the end of the morning press conference after a cabinet meeting, I think things lied ", but said that" at this stage did not confirm whether it is true (speak) means ", did not speak back. A speech delivered by, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party Senator Wakabayashi Kenta, held in Matsumoto Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture, 7. The central government’s annual goal of setting annual radiation amounts to 1 mSv, which means that there is no basis for it, and it was decided by the environmental secretary at that time". The speech was held in parliament.

日本环境相收回辐射量上限“毫无根据”的发言-中新网   中新网2月13日电 据日媒报道,日本环境相丸川珠代12日晚召开记者会,收回了演讲时做出的福岛核事故后中央政府设定的去污年辐射量长期目标“毫无科学根据”等发言。她称“重要的是切实做到不辜负福岛各位的想法,将继续履职尽责”,否认了辞去阁僚之职。   丸川在记者会上称“对各位灾民表示诚挚的歉意,再次由衷致歉”。   在野党认为丸川发言不妥,在国会紧抓该问题不放。据分析,丸川可能是考虑到这一情况,因而决定有必要通过收回发言早日平息此事。   丸川在当天上午内阁会议结束后的记者会上再次解释称“存在极其欠缺说明的部分,我所想之事说得词不达意”,但表示“现阶段没有确认(发言)是否属实的手段”,并未收回发言。   丸川7日在长野县松本市召开的自民党参院议员若林健太的集会上发表了演讲。她就中央政府设定年辐射量长期目标为1毫希以下表示“这毫无根据,是当时的环境大臣决定的”。这一发言在国会上遭到了追究。相关的主题文章:

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