The land market continued to heat housing prices or tend to hezonglianheng

The land market continued to heat housing prices or tendency of "new network hezonglianheng" in Beijing on 2 September, 2016, "the most expensive land boom than in the past some of the more violent. "By the end of August this year, the country has a single land more than 1 billion yuan of the 325 plots, the premium rate of more than 100%" the most expensive land "reached 161, 50 large and medium-sized city sold 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan." This is the latest data from the Central Plains real estate research center. Behind the numbers is the land market and housing prices "Crazy" tangled, when increasing land prices, housing prices to "get" or into a vertical and horizontal era. Said Chang and real estate executive Hu Bo 1, Beijing reporters, a joint holding has become the trend of cooperation, mergers and acquisitions, more often, it’s a good time for strong housing prices "Batman" development of the occasion. And real estate CEO Hu bo. Since last year, although the property market significantly warmer, but continued "high fever" of the land market, for the majority of housing prices feel powerless, get high so that housing prices in the capital flow, push strategy, late sales, will face even greater pressure. Hu Bo believes that the housing prices of "Batman" is the biggest advantage in this gezonglianheng era "is flexible enough". From 2015 to the present, and Chang real estate has been a number of well-known housing prices and cooperation in a number of cities to get the project, there are a large number of cooperation projects in."相关的主题文章:

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