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"The last warrior" was the perfect ending Yixuan new Sohu Yixuan entertainment had cited expectations – "the last warrior" stills Sohu entertainment news by director Tan Qiao, the famous writer Wu Guoen Miao writer, Lu Fang Sheng, Shi Anni, Ceng Yixuan starred in the 55 episode drama "the last time the Anti Japanese fighters" last night was the perfect ending. The play was played by Jean Yixuan snowflakes are orphans. CHIGO see her poor, pestering his father to take her sister, was brought to the palace ran a desultory snow on the day, so my brother does not have the same feelings, but Ran Zhigao has been in love with the Yellow summer. Once because CHIGO Huang Xia despair, dead drunk on the occasion, the snow mistaken Huang Xia, there’s something wrong. Since then, the relationship between the two is extremely awkward, as in the past as snow CHIGO silently, CHIGO has once again pushed her. Until know when they ran CHIGO story just suddenly found the original snow is so love him, but he never noticed. After CHIGO also fell in love with the snow, and took her as his wife. Xiangxi war, snow pregnant, afraid of never see CHIGO, fear the child did not see his father, so the belly and the mother went to the battlefield, the battlefield was in hospital was the only blood ran home. It is understood that Yixuan was filmed in Hengdian, in order to better interpret the pregnant state, it is also summer covered up, a prickly heat. Yixuan once said: "I play plays the Warlord’s daughter, this role is a rare tragic role in this play, always put love silently in the heart, people are willing to bring joy to people, but no one can lonely person after dawn, but is eventually won the All sufferings have their reward., belongs to her love. This role requires very heart to play every game play, often feel like crying one day filming, act like Qiong Yao feeling." It is reported that once the new works such as "Yixuan Yi Zhuan" in Hengdian filming, please look forward to.   相关的主题文章:

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