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Man driving out of control, rushed down 20 meters cliff fell into the reservoir survived the original title: Guangxi man driving out of control, rushed down 20 meters cliff fell into the reservoir, survived the plot of the car was fished out of the water. Wu Qianxia pictured accident vehicles falling into the reservoir. Wu Qianxia photo Beijing, Qinzhou, February 19, (Chen Yan Wu Qianxia) Guangxi Qinzhou a man driving a van on the way home, because of the rugged terrain to hold the steering wheel, causing the vehicle suddenly lost control and ran off the road straight 20 meters high cliff, and fell more than 10 meters deep in the water. Guangxi Qinzhou traffic police department 19 introduced, after the incident, the man unscathed from the broken glass of the vehicle swimming out of the water, and climbed the road, successful self-help. According to the introduction, this "thrilling" road traffic accident occurred on the evening of 16, the incident was Qinzhou Qinbei District plate Town Center Village Committee ladder reservoir section. The next day, the local police received the alarm. Police investigators rushed to the scene of the accident, suspected traffic accident scene has an obvious tire rolling marks, the road is a more than 20 meters high cliff, several shrubs on the cliff have new broken traces. Under the cliff is a water depth of about 15 meters of the reservoir, no signs of vehicles and people found. After a day of visits and on-site investigation, the police initially learned that the accident roughly through. The police, the incident that day at 21 am, the man driving the line to the section of the incident due to the rugged terrain and uneven, and the visibility is low, can not grasp the steering wheel, the accident happened. Police said, because the vehicle in the process of the cliff down trees and shrubs severing, played a buffer role, causing the vehicle did not completely fall under the water, but the body has been completely submerged, and the distance between the water more than 2 meters distance. "It was like" speed and passion "in the movie plot, thought I doomed" later, the man recalled the accident still tremble with fear. 18 afternoon, the traffic police department has assisted the man to salvage the vehicle, and later work is still under further treatment. (Editor): editor in chief: SN226

男子驾车失控冲下20米悬崖坠入水库后生还   原标题:广西男子驾车失控冲下20米悬崖坠入水库后生还 图为车辆被打捞出水面。 吴倩霞 摄 图为坠入水库中的事故车辆。 吴倩霞 摄   中新网钦州2月19日电(陈燕 吴倩霞)广西钦州一男子驾驶面包车在回家途中,因山路崎岖未能抓稳方向盘,导致车辆突然失控径直冲出路外20多米高的悬崖,并坠入10多米深的水中。   广西钦州交警部门19日介绍,事发后,男子毫发无损地从车辆玻璃破碎处游出水中,并爬上了路面,成功自救。   据介绍,这起“惊心动魄”的道路交通事故发生于16日晚上,事发地为钦州市钦北区板城镇中心村委石梯水库路段处。次日,当地交警才接到报警。   办案民警赶到事故现场发现,疑似交通事故现场有一条明显的车辆轮胎碾压痕迹,道路外是一处20余米高的悬崖,悬崖上的若干灌木有新的折断痕迹。在悬崖下则是一座水深约为15米的水库,未发现车辆及人员踪迹。   经过一天的走访及现场勘察,民警初步得知事故大致经过。民警介绍,事发当天21时许,这名男子驾车行至事发路段时因山路崎岖、坑洼不平,加上夜黑能见度低,一时未能抓稳方向盘,才发生前述事故。   民警称,由于车辆在下冲的过程中将悬崖上的树木及灌木撞断,起到了一定的缓冲作用,致使车辆未完全坠入水底,但车身已被完全淹没,并距离水面有2米多的距离。   “简直就像《速度与激情》里的电影桥段,原以为自己在劫难逃”事后,该男子回忆起事故仍胆战心惊。   18日下午,交警部门已协助该男子将车辆打捞完毕,后期工作仍在进一步处理当中。(完) 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章:

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