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"Murder TV burning brain Tour" ended preparatory National Tour – Sohu entertainment         the electric joint construction company limited, Beijing Lang thick culture media Co. Ltd, Zhe Teng (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. jointly produced, directed by Li Bonan studios, CO produced Zhejiang Huace drama Limited by Share Ltd "the murder of the first round of" TV show, in the days before the Beijing people’s art experimental theater curtain. The play adapted from the original author of the big horse bean’s best-selling novel by budding domestic drama director Zhuang a directed, acting master Peng Luqi cross served as deputy director, the young actor Wei Peng, Ma Wenliang, Wen Shi Jia, Sun Wen, Zhang Bo, Jiang Qiming, Wang Yiping, who starred in, threw us an interesting topic: your life the world is absolutely true? Find text in the era of real unreal Internet TV "from" the murder of the first big horse bean original author of novels, his words is to escape from the information age, and the desire to a new value to construct a world. And this will be moved to the stage is a theater artist. The story is a cultural review reporter David attended a murder set in a fortuitous opportunity to destroy the way television group, this era symbols in a way, they were inevitably involved in a conspiracy to endanger the whole world in. Director Zhuang Yi early acceptance of Western Theatre cultural erosion, in last year’s cross-strait Theater Festival, with the "mountain" stage works, has opened many theatre practitioners and audience’s vision, with him as artistic director of the opera troupe, fullness in bilingual form, respectively, in English are accurate show. In the two creation of the murder TV, Chuang Yi said that the core lies in the real and illusory boundaries and mapping. All the information is more intensive, all materials have become so on the surface looked with extreme ease, people seem to eliminate the distance, but was tied up in a deformed relationship. As a director Zhuang said: "we will often be around others, others of the arrangement, the opinions of others, others of the routine, the protagonists from incentive and resist this routine, but in the end still be become a puppet." Create an interesting sensual play on the show, Jiang Xueting and Zhuang a set design of repeated communication, hope to be able to reflect modern life as absurd and strangeness, while both of the original novel of black humor. Accordingly, the stage will be a huge box of central square stands, is divided into several drawer shaped space, the space can become an actor performing regional expansion. In the light of the changing scenes and clever, they in the meantime roam freely, with the "murder" in complete a field from two-dimensional to three-dimensional space of progressive, the story is also the combination of the Tetris type stereo up gradually. Although the "murder" to denounce the television symbol of the era of information technology, it is interesting to note that in the final presentation on the concept of the director also used the multimedia technology and the TV screen, in this field full of imagination!相关的主题文章:

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