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The new development of the fashion industry   design power is the final word – Fashion – People’s Republic of China Fashion Designers Association vice chairman and Secretary General Zhang Qinghui dress is an important carrier of cultural self-confidence. According to the 13th Five-Year planning of the new positioning of the textile and garment industry, how to achieve both technology and fashion, especially in fashion for the lead, promote industrial restructuring, stimulate final consumption, which reflects our cultural confidence, the next five years on the design and the role of the designer put forward higher requirements. Play a leading role in the design is particularly important." In the upcoming September 18th held in Dalian Chinese Fashion Association Eighth National Congress and the eight session of the Council on the eve of Chinese Fashion Association vice chairman and Secretary General Zhang Qinghui accepted the media interview. In his view, the "way of life — the development of the fashion industry change — the design of leading role of the linked chain will be in the next five years or even longer time, effectively driving the development of China garment industry. The effectiveness of the general assembly has a bright spot after more than half a year of preparation, the Eighth National Congress of the Chinese Costume Designers Association of the upcoming session of the board of directors of the eight. Compared to the first meeting of the association was founded in 1993, has been in the past 23 years, the growing ranks of Chinese designers and development, so that Zhang Qinghui for this year’s conference full of expectations. China Association of fashion designers was founded at the earliest only 50 members, and the number of members has more than 2200 people. Over the past 23 years, Chinese designers, design education has experienced a leap forward development. This conference will have more than 300 members from all members involved, including the well-known designer representatives, representatives, local colleges, the national design designers association in the design way of life leading brand business representatives, representatives from across the field of modeling, as well as representatives of technology, display and other aspects of the industry chain. Whether it is the scale, coverage, participation, are the largest in the history of Chinese costume designers association." Zhang Qinghui said that the current Chinese clothing designers in the industry influence, industry awareness, social concern and other aspects have ushered in the best period. Chinese Fashion Association Eighth National Congress coincides with the "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, China textile and garment industry in the background of supply side reform, in accordance with the requirements of the State Council on the "three" strategy to better meet consumer and market demand. An important part of the Fashion Designers Association as China Textile Industry Association, in the new historical stage of development, to better play the role as the core of fashion designer fashion industry, need to get more attention in industry and society." Zhang Qinghui said. The meeting was held in Dalian, China (Dalian) International Garment and Textile Fair held in the same period. Zhang Qinghui pointed out: "we through combination with local industry, to build a bridge for designers to guide the designer to strengthen the integration and industry chain, to meet consumer demand and industrial development as the goal, to enhance the sense of responsibility of industry designer." It is reported that during the meeting, the organization will include the theme of "design + open our new era" theory相关的主题文章:

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