The outbreak of the 1 billion 900 million financial platform Xin Qi assets cash crisis Zhang Tielin

The outbreak of the 1 billion 900 million financial platform Xin Qi assets cash crisis Zhang Tielin endorsement – Sohu news communication will live according to public information, Xin Qi assets called Shaanxi Xin Qi Assets Management Consulting Co., Ltd., was founded in July 2005, in May 2012 changed its name, registered capital of 200 million yuan, is a national registered professional Industrial and Commercial Bureau asset management consulting services, as the pioneer of "asset securitization", the company mainly engaged in asset management, investment management, financial consulting, real estate intermediary and information consulting services. Headquartered in Shaanxi Xi’an, with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shanxi, Sichuan, Hainan and other places, covering the East, north, northwest, southwest and Southern China and other key areas. In October 2014, the company in Shanghai hosted equity trading center officially listed (referred to as enterprise: Xin Qi assets, enterprise code: 201950). The controlling shareholder of the company for the Beijing Xin Qi Holdings Limited, Xin Qi holdings by three natural person holding, respectively, is the general manager of Xin Qi assets Shanghai branch chairman Jia Huanqi, Lu Qigen and Cheng Jianhui, the company in December 8th last year, just by replacing Zhao Guangming Cheng Jianhui. Xin Qi Holdings under the announcement also includes Shaanxi Xin Qi real estate marketing planning Co. Ltd., Henan Jia Ding Zhou Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Henan Xin Qi enterprise marketing planning company limited. Because of Xin Qi holdings consists of a number of companies, investors have alleged that the Xin Qi assets management contract notarized, sponsor and other companies are affiliated enterprises. Xin Qi assets business model, "the transfer of housing ownership + short-term financial management", is simply the purchase of real estate and packaged into financial products sold to investors, while collateral for real estate. For the day of 15% off housing debt plan, some investors said, Xin Qi assets were 50 percent off purchase at the time, the key point is that the housing pricing is determined by Xin Qi assets.

理财平台鑫琦资产爆发19亿兑付危机 张铁林代言-搜狐新闻 沟通会现场   据公开资料,鑫琦资产全称为陕西鑫琦资产管理咨询有限公司,前身成立于2005年7月,后于2012年5月更名,注册资本贰亿元人民币,是一家经国家工商局登记注册的专业资产管理咨询服务机构,作为“资产证券化”的先行者,公司主要从事资产管理、投资管理、财务咨询、房产中介及信息咨询等服务。总公司位于陕西西安,在北京、上海、山西、四川、海南等多地均设有分支机构,业务覆盖华东、华北、西北、西南和华南等重点地区。2014年10月,公司在上海股权托管交易中心正式挂牌上市(企业简称:鑫琦资产,企业代码:201950)。   该公司控股股东为北京鑫琦控股有限公司,鑫琦控股由三位自然人持股,分别是鑫琦资产董事长贾唤琦、上海分公司总经理陆奇根和程建辉,该公司法人在去年12月8日,刚由程建辉更换成了赵光明。鑫琦控股下设公告还包括陕西鑫琦房地产营销策划有限公司、河南甲鼎洲文化传媒有限公司和河南鑫琦企业营销策划有限公司。   因为鑫琦控股下设多家公司,有投资者指称,其与鑫琦资产理财合同的公证方、担保方等公司均为关联企业。   鑫琦资产业务模式为,“短期转让房屋所有权+理财”,简单说就是购买不动产并打包成理财产品卖给投资者,而抵押物就为房产。   对于当天给出的8.5折以房抵债的方案,有投资者称,鑫琦资产当时均为5折购房,其中的关键点是,房屋定价也是由鑫琦资产确定的。相关的主题文章:

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