The owners of illegally built public rooftop upstairs floor, said high prices only greedy little

The owners of illegally built public rooftop upstairs floor, said high prices only greedy little cheaper with two floors of color, style and similar exterior   channel network September 18th news (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Zhu Minmin   Lin Danto) yesterday, many owners of Fuzhou East Second Ring Road near the Xiang open metro area to the sea are reported to reflect, No. 9 the top floor of two owners of illegal corrugated, on the roof of the public balcony two floors were added, the fire channel occupied residential public roof and roof. Yesterday, at the top of the building 9 residential building, many owners told reporters that the public was originally a flat roof, because the building 3602 and 3603 of the owners of illegally built, out of two out of two storey tower of illegal buildings. Reporters saw that the two two storey building area is tens of square meters, and the color, style and wall similar, not careful, it is difficult to find is stamped. Sand, wooden tools left at the scene, but the reporter did not see the construction personnel. Owners Mr. Lin said, the top floor is public rooftop, is part of the owners for himself, will bring inconvenience to other owners, but also affect stability of building fire protection, etc. Reporters then went to 9 building 3602, 3603 room knocking at the door, but no one has opened the door. Yesterday afternoon, a man claiming to be the owner of the 3602 person calls to reporters, said the price is very high, he takes part in public platform area, just for greedy little cheaper". District property manager Chen introduced, last Friday, the property found 9 after the illegal construction of the roof, and immediately communicate with the owners, and asked them to rectify. But because the property does not have the right to enforce the law, the behavior of private construction can only be discouraged. According to its disclosure, they also reflect the incident to the local Yuefeng urban management squadron. In the afternoon, the urban management law enforcement personnel to dismantle the 9 part of the roof of the building illegally built, and ordered the owners deadline rectification. The public places and facilities in the community belong to all the owners, and no units or individuals can take it for themselves." Some lawyers believe that the top-level owners secretly occupied the roof of the public platform practices violated the legitimate rights and interests of other owners, but also hindered public safety.   公共天台业主违建楼上楼 称房价很高只贪点小便宜 加盖的两层楼颜色、风格都和外墙相近     海峡网9月18日讯(海峡都市报记者 朱敏敏 文 林丹 图)昨日,福州东二环附近香开新城小区的多位业主向海都报反映,9号楼顶楼两户业主违章搭盖,在楼顶的公共露台加盖了两层,占用小区公共天台和楼顶的消防通道。   昨日,在小区9号楼楼顶,多位业主告诉记者,公共天台原本是一块平地,现因该栋楼3602和3603的业主违建,凭空冒出了两座两层楼高的违章建筑。   记者看到,这两座两层建筑面积均几十平方米,而且颜色、风格都与外墙相近,不细看很难发现是加盖。沙土、木凳等工具留在现场,但记者没有看到施工人员。   小区业主林先生说,顶楼是公共天台,被部分业主占为己有,会给其他业主带来不便,而且有消防、影响楼房稳定性等隐患。   记者随后到9号楼3602、3603房敲门,但一直无人开门。昨日下午,一名自称是3602业主的人给记者来电,称房价很高,他占用小部分公共平台面积,只是为了贪点“小便宜”。   小区物业处陈经理介绍,上周五,物业发现9号楼顶违建后,随即与当事业主沟通,并要求他们整改。但因物业没有执法权,对于私搭乱建的行为只能劝阻。据其透露,他们也向当地岳峰城管中队反映此事。当天下午,城管执法人员来拆除了9号楼楼顶的部分违建,并责令业主限期整改。   “小区的公共场所、设施属于全体业主所有,任何单位和个人都不能将其占为己有。”有律师认为,顶层业主私自占用楼顶公共平台的做法侵犯了其他业主的合法权益,也妨碍了公共安全。  相关的主题文章:

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