The real estate industry policy is pleased to accept the red envelopes 6 only benefit shares or

The real estate industry policy is pleased to accept the "red envelopes" 6 benefit shares or opportunity sina finance Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors are using – reporter   Mo   late   with the Lunar New Year is approaching, the real estate industry also received their own policy red". According to the latest news released the people’s Bank of China website yesterday afternoon, according to the "notice" the people’s Bank of China and Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission released issues related to the adjustment of individual housing loan policy, in the implementation of the restriction measures in the city, residents first purchase ordinary housing commercial housing loans to individuals, the principle of on the minimum down payment ratio of 25%, down 5 percentage points over the floating; to have 1 sets of housing and housing loans outstanding to households, the purchase of ordinary housing to improve the living conditions of re apply for commercial individual housing loans, the minimum down payment for the adjustment of the ratio of not less than 30%. In this regard, analysts said that this adjustment does not mean that "the purchase of" city of the minimum down payment ratio is expected to fall to 20%, at the same time, with 1 sets of housing and mortgage outstanding households, improve housing since the minimum down payment ratio of not less than 40% from the previous down to less than 30%. This will not only promote more first-time home buyers demand for the release of housing, but also for the improvement of housing demand for housing crowd has brought more credit support. Increase the potential need undoubtedly constitute a substantial positive on the real estate market, therefore, in the short term can focus on tracking the main business in the "purchase" outside the city line, three line city real estate listed companies, related stocks have been shown in the policy to promote good or. Back to the two level market, according to the "Securities Daily" Market Research Center data show that in Shanghai and Shenzhen two second, three line property stocks yesterday, Jiakai City, Xiangjiang holding two stocks to achieve the limit, Catic real estate (6.79%), LaSalle Bank (6.44%), the city transit investment (5.82%), city (5.58%), Sun City (5.56%) and other stocks rose more than 5%. The flow of funds, Philip shares (54 million 730 thousand and 600 yuan), the city transit investment (48 million 332 thousand and 700 yuan), city (39 million 41 thousand and 600 yuan), Jiakai city (38 million 806 thousand and 400 yuan), LaSalle Bank (32 million 146 thousand yuan), the new lake treasure (31 million 131 thousand and 600 yuan), Hong Kong Holdings (30 million 260 thousand yuan), Fuxing shares (28 million 410 thousand and 600 yuan), China real estate (24 million 196 thousand and 400 yuan), Ken chase (14 million 507 thousand and 200 yuan), Lushang (11 million 367 thousand and 700 yuan) and other stocks yesterday largest single net inflow of funds are more than ten million yuan. Specific to the investment opportunities, analysts said, with the stock at a low level gradually stabilized, combined with industry policy good support, those early price fell sharply, operating in good condition and there are signs of real estate funds hunters stocks are expected to obtain better market performance in the afternoon. Through the "Securities Daily" reporter combed found that the Xiangjiang River Control Theory 房地产行业喜收政策“红包” 6只受益股或迎机会 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   ■本报记者 莫 迟    随着农历春节的临近,房地产行业也收到了属于自己的政策“红包”。   据 中国人民银行网站昨日下午发布的最新消息,根据《中国人民银行和中国银行业监督管理委员会发布了调整个人住房贷款政策有关问题的通知》,在不实施“限购” 措施的城市,居民家庭首次购买普通住房的商业性个人住房贷款,原则上最低首付款比例为25%,各地可向下浮动5个百分点;对拥有1套住房且相应购房贷款未 结清的居民家庭,为改善居住条件再次申请商业性个人住房贷款购买普通住房,最低首付款比例调整为不低于30%。   对此,分析人士表示,本 次调整意味不“限购”城市的最低首付款比例有望降至20%,同时,拥有1套住房且相应房贷未结清的居民家庭,改善性自住房最低首付款比例由此前的不低于 40%下调至不低于30%。这不仅将促进更多首次置业人群购房需求的释放,也为拥有改善型住房需求的购房人群带来了更强的信贷支持。潜在需要的增加无疑对 房地产市场构成了实质性利好,因此,短期内可重点跟踪主营业务在“限购”城市外的二线、三线城市地产上市公司,相关公司股票在政策面利好推动下或有所表 现。   回到二级市场上,据《证券日报》市场研究中心数据显示,在沪深两市二线、三线地产股中,昨日嘉凯城、香江控股两只个股实现涨停,中 航地产(6.79%)、世联行(6.44%)、中天城投(5.82%)、大名城(5.58%)、阳光城(5.56%)等个股累计涨幅均超过5%。   资金流向上,中弘股份(5473.06万元)、中天城投(4833.27万元)、大名城(3904.16万元)、嘉凯城(3880.64万元)、世联行 (3214.60万元)、新湖中宝(3113.16万元)、香江控股(3026万元)、福星股份(2841.06万元)、中航地产(2419.64万 元)、冠城大通(1450.72万元)、鲁商置业(1136.77万元)等个股昨日大单资金净流入均超过千万元。   具体到投资机会上,分析人士表示,随着股指在低位逐渐企稳,结合行业政策面利好的支撑,那些前期股价大幅下跌、经营状况良好以及有资金抄底迹象的地产股有望在后市获得更好的市 场表现。通过《证券日报》记者梳理发现,香江控股、世联行、海航投资、世荣兆业、中关村、华远地产6只二线、三线地产股满足今年以来股价调整25%以上、 2015年年报预喜、近期有大单资金净流入迹象等条件。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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