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The road is more than a dozen cars were flooded 6 days notice to move the car, such as the master from door to door is famous in the village of enthusiastic people "have an electrician floor master Gaoqiao village Xiba at 2 in the morning, hit the police call soon flooded the car license plate number English do not know how, to find a car, but he is so kind, old man in the village." Two days ago, Ningbo netizen oioioioinamodo in a large number of micro-blog issued at about 3 in the morning. On the night of the typhoon, the electrician’s master warmed a lot of people. Yesterday, the reporter was removed to find him, the floor is the master of the famous town of enthusiastic people. Although in the wind and rain tossing the whole night, but he did not complain: they did not lose a night did not sleep is worth." See the car half a tire flooded floor master notice from door to door to move the car such as the old man named Lou, a 62 year old retired for 30 years electrician, high Qiao Zhen Gao Qiao Cun Da Xi Ba famous people. He has been selected for the Yinzhou District Fourth "me star civilization", everyone affectionately referred to him as "Xu Hu takahashi". Speaking of things that day, floor master some embarrassed. "What to say, is in the village, mutual assistance should be." On the evening of September 15th, the floor master fell asleep early. The rain is more and more big, while lying down, but has always on tenterhooks. "We live on the edge of the river, if the rain is growing, the villagers may want to enter the home, very dangerous." Floor master, not good, the flood!" Around 1 in the morning, the master was awakened by a phone call, the villagers call. Put down the phone, as the team leader of a small group of villagers quickly got up and put on a raincoat, go out to the village patrol. The house was dark, by the light of the street light, floor master saw, water has been about forty or fifty cm, to the calf position. On the side of the road, there are more than a dozen cars parked, the rain is getting bigger and bigger, and half of the tires of several cars are already in the water. "Last year, we had two cars in the village. I heard of a bubble car, repair is very expensive, motionless to thousands of dollars. I thought, just call them up and move the car." The building began to master much more open. Remember the license, he hurried knocking from door to door. "Get up, diffuse water, the car quickly move a position." In the early hours of the morning, many people sleep soundly. Floor master in the wind and rain, over and over again, until someone to answer. There is a family, was awakened by the floor master’s door, it was found in the home of several bags of rice was almost drowned by the rain, and quickly moved to the high. Do not know the owner will help police the old rain night toss a night Le Village more than and 300 villagers, there are some foreigners. Part of the notice, the rest of the car, floor master really do not know who the owner is, he suddenly thought of the police. "The car quickly flooded, you quickly notify the owner, I’ll give you the license plate number at." At that time, already more than 2 in the morning, the master in the wind and rain kept calling, contact the police to inform the owner of the vehicle in a timely manner. Floor master can not understand the English alphabet, communication up some difficulties. At this time, living in the vicinity of the house heard the sound, came to help. "The old man can’t speak mandarin"相关的主题文章:

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