The Sixth Batch of renewable energy tariff subsidies announced the proportion of photovoltaic power winflash

The Sixth Batch of renewable energy price subsidies list of photovoltaic power plants installed up to 36% the proportion of sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money the Sixth Batch of renewable energy price subsidies list of photovoltaic power plants installed for subsidies increased to 36% compared with – reporter Yu Nan in September 23rd, the Ministry of finance the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board issued "on the announced additional renewable energy tariff subsidies directory (Sixth Batch) Notice". In this regard, insiders, "the Sixth Batch of additional renewable energy tariff subsidies directory in February 2016 to declare the end of February 2015, before covering the grid power plant. Once these subsidies issued by the end of 2013 to early, a large number of grid operators will benefit from the larger, will greatly improve its cash flow, ease financial pressure. And in February 2015 after the realization of a large number of power grid operators need to withstand the pressure of subsidies delay". "Securities Daily" reporters on the basis of analysis of the Sixth Batch of renewable energy price subsidies directory according to the statistics, the installed capacity ranking finalists finishing, followed by the CPI, Guodian, Huadian, energy saving, the Three Gorges group, GCL group. Among them, the CPI, Guodian, Huadian, energy saving, the Three Gorges group is the central enterprises, only the GCL group for private enterprises. The scale of renewable energy and the gap between subsidies have expanded in recent years, with the continuous expansion of renewable energy scale, the problem of insufficient subsidy funds. Deputy director of the NDRC price department branch jade strong has recently said that as of the first half of this year, the subsidy funding gap totaled 55 billion yuan, with the new "renewable energy continues to expand the scale, that is expected to break through 60 billion yuan is likely to end." For the subsidies, GCL Group Chairman Zhu Gongshan has publicly, regardless of the industry or enterprise, should have a profound understanding of "green energy subsidies in order to speed up the policy meaning of parity", to do everything possible to reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic power make this green energy has become a necessity for the public could afford. Chinese PV companies to accelerate the process of parity, with the national policy to improve the strength of the joint efforts to make photovoltaic power generation has become an important cornerstone of the energy revolution. On this basis, Mr Zhu said, GCL group has developed a comprehensive innovation to reduce polysilicon, crystal growth, component, system and operation and maintenance costs of the whole industry chain "parity roadmap", in 2020 before the realization of photovoltaic power generation does not need state financial subsidies. The scale of photovoltaic power plants accounted for the total amount of subsidies increased to 36% in order to promote the development and utilization of renewable energy, in March 2012 issued a "renewable energy tariff subsidy fund management Interim Measures" definition of renewable energy generation refers to wind power, biomass power, solar power, geothermal and ocean energy power generation etc.. According to the "Interim Measures", eligible items included in the renewable energy electricity price subsidy list. Therefore, renewable energy tariff subsidies are considered as a catalog of state electricity price相关的主题文章:

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