Thousands of people selected most want to follow the animation leader top20

Thousands of people selected: the most want to follow the animation leader TOP20 after a week of voting and statistics, the station on Sunday to choose the list released as scheduled! The theme of this list is: who is the leader of animation you want to follow? Speaking of animation works in the leader there are various features, there is also the Dragon Ao sky, off-line to a Speechless type, as well as the strength of the pit teammates…… Well, if the choice of the mother penguin, really want to follow with the powerful and reliable leader ah! Penguin mother sneaked a look at the results of the vote, wow, first prize winner was a real return, have convinced people! From the list as a whole, the movement of the team leader to become worthy of the big winners! The parents come to see, these Japanese friends choose the most want to follow the animation leader, do you like the list? Come to evaluate, this ranking in line with the standards of your mind? Title: Monchi · D· Lu Fei "Sea King" 684 votes really powerful leader, perhaps not a debut day seconds seconds seconds of air, but he must have enough talent and skills, and play like accumulate steadily, anti strong, never give up! On the way to fly, is a leader of this year, when he got to the sea, because the size is not big enough, not enough to affect the reputation of being respected. But you look at the current road to fly, the amount of reward on the warrant is straight up, saying that he finally can not get "ONE PIECE" who will not believe it! Follow the road to fly, there are meat and wine, I believe the protagonist halo, yes! When it comes to xiaoqiang…… Five small bronze strong leader Seiya seems to be Japanese users forget ah, he is not on the list…… Runner up: Ze Cun earth "volleyball youth" 585 tickets Ze Cun earth, "is really" Earth "in general. Volleyball court, will be handed over to him one hundred people at ease! The so-called "sky", but there is no solid land do support, the little crow who are also flying to fly is not fun! As the captain of the volleyball team, the earth as a father like Ze Cun brother, care team and employment of both kindness and severity, also do not forget to contact time occasionally subtly malicious, and he knew the brother is really not good…… The earth, please cover me! Third: high Osaka ear is "LoveLive fruit! "491 tickets LL followers don’t hurry, you list the emperor fruit! Some leader own domineering aura, prove his existence is convincing, follow; and some leader is selling the adorable line, she is in the team of pistachio, harmonic agent, but when the team encountered difficulties and challenges, and she can stand in the front…… Although fruit emperor in the three dimension of this and that you all understand things, but a small episode, can not stop the fans of the fruit of the emperor’s love! Look, this position is the fruit of the popularity of the Queen’s proof! Fourth: Bantian silver "silver soul" 426 tickets Penguin Niang think this property, leader is really talented and can be met, there can not be solved! Some people are lazy, a face of "I’m afraid of trouble, trouble thing don’t call me" look, but he is not let a person feel]相关的主题文章:

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