TOPLI wallpaper wallpaper Qiangbu China won three awards industry

TOPLI wallpaper wallpaper Qiangbu China won three awards industry?? TOPLI won the "China wallpaper wallpaper Qiangbu industry R & D and production base", "wallpaper Qiangbu industry craftsman", "round net printing process protection Island Award" three awards! ?? China Association of building decoration materials, wallpaper branch for the healthy development of the wallpaper industry norms, better integration of industry and the rise of new materials and new technology, improve the quality of the products industry, organized by the association of the "China industry R & D base wallpaper Qiangbu, China wall paper Qiangbu industry craftsman", "Chinese wallpaper Qiangbu industry protective technology award" for successful completion of audit. ?? Beijing TOPLI decorative materials Co. Ltd. became the first certification audit "Chinese industry R & D base wallpaper Qiangbu, China wallpaper Qiangbu industry craftsman", "Chinese protective technology industry wallpaper Qiangbu gold production of enterprises. TOPLI won the "China ten (Bucky wallpaper wallpaper Qiangbu industry) research and production base of" TOPLI "won the bronze medal Chinese round net printing industry wallpaper Qiangbu Island Protection Technology Award" won the "bronze TOPLI Chinese wallpaper Qiangbu industry craftsman" bronze wall paper?? TOPLI adhere to the "quality of indoor fashion   beautify the living environment of human beings" mission, provide new works of fashion, the original China Home Furnishing for interior decoration, the original wallpaper designs have to amazing year, leading the trend of China wallpaper industry and China wall paper industry internationalization development, set up a Chinese century wallpaper brand.相关的主题文章:

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