Tornado Girl 2 will end Ji Chang Wook, Chen Xiang, the last battle (video)

"2": the outcome of cyclone girl Ji Chang Wook Chen Xiang in the last battle "cyclone" Wu Lei girl in the second quarter of 2 as a couple of panda eyes swimming upwind _ SD entertainment Tencent Qiangjing assembled Ji Chang Wook, Chen Xiang, Tan Songyun, Yue Xi, Wu Lei, Guo Junchen, Wang Zixuan and other high value Yan gas idol, with unique blood deflagrated summer "texture" in the upcoming 2 cyclone girl, Hunan TV "when the youth" week broadcast part ushered in the ending of the war. Today, "cyclone" exposed a group of girl 2 finale poster, the stars smile to reach out to invite the audience about "cyclone". At the same time, waiting for a whole season, Ji Chang Wook and Chen Xiang two men of God’s ultimate showdown tonight blood strikes, competition firepower, sparks "final battle", who is the winner? The ultimate poster, Tan Songyun detonated blood youth Jiang Yiyi with "Lara group" back today, "2" tornado girls released blockbuster finale poster, Ji Chang Wook, Chen Xiang, Tan Songyun, Yue Xi, Wu Lei, Guo Junchen, Wang Zixuan starring six high Yan gathered in the broken clock backdrop in his smile, the invitation the audience to "whirlwind about". Among them, "not willing to… Always…" the text filled with dismay, blood dream spirit behind the warm feelings of love will bring to the audience full of memories, though reluctant to say goodbye, the future of the "whirlwind" will continue to. Tonight, "whirlwind Legion will reunite on screen. Not only pine, Fengyun two Avenue museum staff arrived at the scene, there are "small lion" Jiang Yiyi, "Yi Ting elder" Zhao Yuanyuan love back, and Tan Songyun, et al. I should fit the rain! In the public mood cheers, the first play of Guo Junchen can help and made a good start? Second bar Wu Lei will face what kind of challenge? Ji Chang Wook, Chen Xiang burning soul ultimate showdown Chen Xiang: I will hold back since the start of the second season, Ji Chang Wook and Chen Xiang "yiyanbuge began" relationship is undoubtedly one of the highlights. From the original "Star" the death of misunderstanding, then no dispute, two people looked at the moment of tit for tat, fans have lamented: "as long as they are together, always feel the next second will fight". Tonight, the ultimate showdown in Changan and Ting Hao, is coming up in the hot competition. When the revival of faith in the cypress reputation, guard and revenge, sparks "last battle", who is the winner? Although God between the cool fighting aspect lot, but fans are the worried and speculation: "Changan Ting Hao is injured, the world champion, the coach will not lose ah, who lost my heart are not good"…… for two of the ultimate showdown, but Chen Xiang is quite confident. The mango TV exclusive footage, he joked: "true to the game, I will certainly" mercy "." Chen Xiang also said the court Hao has been "averse" attitude to Changan: "first, he’s so handsome; second, as the former coach, he was by my good friend; third, he love Baicao, and my rival." Tonight 22:00, lock Hunan TV youth when the week broadcast column, cyclone Girl 2, thirty-four, set: whirlwind Legion all gathered together to help!相关的主题文章:

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