Two men sucking the poison red light inside the car caught sleeping (Figure) (video)

Two men sucking the poison red light inside the car caught sleeping (Figure) 09 2016 21 August morning 8:03, reporters in Guangdong city of Zhanjiang Chikan hundred Road intersection traffic lights (theaters left sections), found that more than 10 policemen are surrounded by a black car inventory, while there are many people watching the road two. Reporters on the scene saw that the black car driver seat and vice driver seat has two sleeping men, a police officer is seized from the car suspected drug tools, and then, several police officers wake up two men sleeping, and bring back to the police station for investigation. According to traffic police on duty at the scene, more than 7:30 minutes, when the green light pass, the black car has not been moving forward, affecting the traffic behind the car, when the police stepped forward to supervise, found two sleeping men or not wake up. Traffic police awareness has special circumstances, immediately report to the superior, and opened a police car blocking the car. Subsequently, the assistance of traffic police and police officers came to the scene, after a call to the man or not to check the scene of the scene, appeared in front of the scene. In the afternoon, the reporter interviewed the Zhanjiang public security department and learned that the two men sleeping in the car were sucking methamphetamine in Suixi county this morning. They just drove to the intersection of Zhanjiang road. When they met the red light, they stopped sleeping and were caught by police officers. After a urine test confirmed that two men sleeping in the car is suck ice personnel, public security organs have been detention on the case for further investigation. Editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading after the men’s drug trance into the den of lions zoo shouted "bite me ah"

两男子吸完毒停车等红灯 车内熟睡被抓(图) 2016年09月21日 上午8:03分,记者在广东湛江市赤坎百园路路口红绿灯处(影剧院左侧路段),发现十多位公安干警正围着一辆黑色小轿车盘查,路两边有许多市民围观。记者在现场看到,这辆黑色小轿车里驾驶座和副驾驶座有两位熟睡的男子,一位公安干警正从车内搜出疑似吸毒的工具,接着,几位公安干警叫醒熟睡的两位男子,并带回派出所作调查。据现场值班交警介绍,7点30多分钟绿灯通行时这辆黑色小轿车却一直没有前行,影响后面车辆通行,当交警上前督促时,发现两位熟睡的男子还是不醒。交警意识有特殊情况,立即向上级汇报,并开警车堵住该车。随后,援助的交警和派出所干警陆续到场,经过一番促叫男子还是不醒的情况下对现场进行检查,出现前面一幕。下午,记者到湛江市公安部门采访了解到,熟睡在车内的两名男子是今天早上在遂溪县吸完冰毒,开车刚到湛江市区百园路路口,遇红灯亮时停车熟睡,被公安干警发现抓捕。经尿检确认熟睡在车上的两名男子是吸冰毒人员,公安机关现已对其进行刑拘,案件需进一步调查。编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 男子吸毒后精神恍惚 跳入动物园狮子坑大喊“来咬我啊”相关的主题文章:

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