Two men under the saddle hidden pseudo base station six months to open a face value of 2 million 500-mmhouse

Pseudo base station two men under the saddle hidden pseudo base station six months to open a face value of 2 million 500 thousand yuan of false invoices Licheng police seized. Newspaper reporter Du Honglei photo Licheng police captured one of the suspects. The October 20th news video screenshot two men from Guangdong to Ji’nan from February this year, will be put into a pseudo base station motorcycle everywhere selling fake invoices issued information, has released more than 3 million 500 thousand, issued more than 250 yuan of the invoice value. Recently, Licheng police received a message from the masses of false invoices, arrested two suspects, seized two sets of pseudo base station equipment. In late September, a lot of people will receive a message at the same time after the second ring road and Alexander Road intersection of the mobile phone, the contents of "Hello teacher, the company has a formal invoice to open, discount points, payment after verification". People who have seen the pseudo base station reported that there is no doubt that there is a similar pseudo base near the station, then to the mountain road police station to provide relevant information. "We have specially arranged waiting police in key areas, and found that indeed received the same message, initially identified through pseudo base station information, and started the investigation on the streets of suspicious appearance and movements of personnel." The mountain road police station Li Long introduced the general pseudo base station by the host computer and the notebook computer, through bulk SMS, transmitter and other related equipment from its center, within a certain radius of the mobile phone card information. Through the analysis of relevant information, the police found two men from Guangdong in the road near a hotel long staying suspicious appearance and movements. Through its tracking, police found two men riding motorcycles and electric cars often go out, and, once the two people will appear in the area of the same content of the bulk of the message. After determining the two suspects men, Licheng Public Security Bureau deployed police brigade and Alexander Road police station police task force composed of further investigation. Through the external investigation, the police confirmed the identity of the two men, respectively, Zhan Moumou and Lai Moumou, is cantonese. In late September 26th 7 pm, the task force began to arrest them, in a hotel room will suspect Zhan Moumou arrested two pseudo base station equipment found in the other room. After the trial, Zhan Moumou confessed to the Ji’nan from February this year, the use of pseudo base station equipment to send the invoice information to more than 200, and more than ten people for issuing false invoices, a total par value of more than 200 yuan, the illegal profits of more than 12000 yuan. According to Zhan Moumou account, he spent nearly 5000 yuan to buy a pseudo base station equipment, which belongs to the latest, small size, can be easily put in the box below the motorcycle seat. Two suspects using a pseudo base station can release information within a radius of one kilometer, one day released more than 50 thousand, waiting for people who have the intention to purchase invoices. They generally do not meet, through the network to contact the invoice value of 10000 yuan less than $100, more than 10000 yuan in accordance with the charges of 0.8% to 1.2%." Li Long said, once settled money, the suspect will express invoice to the purchaser. The suspect selling invoice is false, but they will really invoice number and two-dimensional code printed on the false invoices, achieve the effect of real ones. September 29th, project people.相关的主题文章:

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