Unicom users exchange card was false loss of 80 thousand operators were accused of lax auditing

Unicom users exchange card was false loss of 80 thousand operators were accused of lax auditing of public Wang Xiang (a pseudonym) of the mobile phone card being false card, he found abnormal after two times the loss, but were the other hanging solution. In the meantime, his name 2 credit card stolen brush 88 pen, a total of more than 80 thousand yuan. It is understood that the use of the existence of a significant error card card stolen material through the operating room for the card, but was reviewed by the business hall staff. At present, the Changping Beiqijia Unicom has yet to respond on the matter, Beijing Dongcheng police have accepted the case is under further investigation. China Unicom mobile phone card two times the loss were hanging solution Wang Xiang recalled that in July 27th about 1 in the afternoon, he was in Shandong on business, suddenly received a few breaking calls, and no number display. Subsequently, Wang Xiang’s cell phone signal interrupt. Wang Xiang feel abnormal, immediately by the mobile phone colleagues call Unicom customer service hotline service, and through the artificial loss at 1:26 in the afternoon the number. Wang Xiang login Unicom online business hall to view the operating records, 12 minutes later, the number of strangers were hanging. At 1:58 in the afternoon, Wang Xiang once again by the loss of the number of customer service. Soon, he will not be able to log the number of online business hall, a login password changes, the number again enabled by a stranger. Mr. Wang immediately dial the number with other phones, but no one answered the opposite. At 5:23 in the afternoon, Wang Xiang arrived in Shandong, Yantai Unicom business hall, with the original identity card back to the phone card. At this point, he received a credit card consumer notification message, this should be the last time to remind the consumer, then I know that the card is stolen brush." 88 stolen brush pen and two credit cards, with the transfer of the Wang Xiang number as two credit card binding mobile phone number of consumer records found, from 1 pm to 5:23 in the afternoon, two credit cards in 4 small time 88 pen consumption records. Where a credit card stolen brush 37 pen, the total amount of $34732.5; another credit card stolen brush 51 pen, the total amount of $49135. Wang Xiang found that day at 4:22 in the afternoon, fraudulent also apply for a temporary amount to the bank through the mobile phone, the two cards, a total of 56000 yuan consumption amount increased to 84000 yuan, the final two credit card stolen brush 83867.5 yuan, almost reached the upper limit of the amount of credit. In these records, the reporter found that 88 pen consumption through the 3 different online payment platform for the third party. Issued by a bank to show details of the transaction, the money is used for the majority of mobile phone recharge, buy game cards etc.. Wang Xiang believes that their credit card stolen brush, Unicom is not a direct action, but because of its staff audit lax, criminals illegal conduct provides an opportunity for business card, operators should bear the corresponding responsibility. Proved significant errors through the audit by the inquiry, the card replacement operation is completed in Changping District, Beiqijia Unicom business hall, and the two solution is completed by Unicom customer service phone. In July 28th, Wang Xiang in the business office learned that the day of the incident at 1 points in the afternoon, some people hold the name of the temporary identity card, the resident population registration card, and a 05.相关的主题文章:

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