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Tourists from Hefei wildlife park were fed up with the headache. The Hefei Daily reported that during the National Day holiday, Hefei wildlife parks were filled with tourists. An interview with reporters yesterday found that the uncivilized behavior of the tourists in the zoo was uncivilized, causing the zoo staff to have a headache. "Come, come, come, eat biscuits!" "Eat popcorn." Yesterday morning, reporters at the Hefei wildlife park showed that many tourists came out with cookies and popcorn, feeding swans and wild ducks, watching the beautiful swans eating, and the children were delighted and rushing to feed. Similar behavior, in the monkey garden, the herbivorous animal area and so on appear. "From the tourists themselves, their starting point is good, some children even" live frugally "will be their own snacks to eat animal." Zhang Zhizhong, chief of the Department of animal management at the Hefei wildlife park, said that the "enthusiasm" of tourists was actually harmful to animals. First of all, different people to different food fed the same animal, many times, a long time, may infect animal, animal caused gastrointestinal diseases; secondly, different animal and different demand for food, such as deer, elk, and other herbivorous animal, to eat grass, if feeding cookies, popcorn and so concentrate too much, grow bad for health; thirdly, there is a certain animal eating time, not a day to night, the tourists feeding too much sugar, high protein foods, can cause animal obesity, and even the emergence of disease. Zhang Zhizhong told reporters that it is a kind of uncivilized behavior that visitors are fed to animals. In order to propagandize the civilized garden to the tourists, the zoo has set up the publicity signs of civilized persuasion in the corresponding area. Usually, the keeper and other workers in the park have been patrolling the duty, and have asked volunteers to help them to publicize and advise tourists, which has greatly reduced these uncivilized behaviors. However, in the holiday peak traffic, tourists, tourists indiscriminately to feed the animal uncivilized phenomenon still occur, to increase the difficulty of the animal management, hope that the majority of tourists civilized garden, not indiscriminately feed. (reporter Liu Shujie)

合肥野生动物园游客胡乱投喂 工作人员头疼不已   据合肥日报报道 国庆假期,合肥野生动物园游客爆满,带小孩前来看动物的市民络绎不绝。记者昨日采访发现,游客在动物园里胡乱投喂动物的不文明行为,让动物园工作人员头疼不已。   “来,来,来,吃饼干了!”“吃爆米花了。”昨天上午,在合肥野生动物园百鸟园里,记者看到,不少游客拿出自身携带的饼干、爆米花,投喂天鹅、野鸭,看着美丽的天鹅吃食,孩子们开心不已,纷纷抢着喂食。类似行为,在猴园、草食动物区等都有出现。   “从游客本身来说,他们出发点是好的,有的孩子甚至‘省吃俭用’将自己的零食省给动物吃。”合肥野生动物园动物管理科科长张志忠说,游客们的“热心”其实对动物是有伤害的。首先,不同的人将不同的食物投喂同一动物,次数多、时间长,可能会将病菌传染给动物,引发动物胃肠道疾病;其次,不同的动物,对食物的需求不同,比如,梅花鹿、麋鹿等草食动物,以吃草为主,如果投喂饼干、爆米花等精料太多,对健康成长不利;再次,动物进食是有一定时间规定的,不能一天吃到晚,游客投喂高糖分、高蛋白类食物过多,会引发动物过度肥胖,甚至出现疾病。   张志忠告诉记者,游客投喂动物,其实是一种不文明行为。为了向游客宣传文明游园,动物园在相应区域设置了文明劝导宣传标牌。平时,园内饲养员及其他工作人员一直在巡查值守,还不定期约请志愿者帮忙,向游客宣传劝导,大大减少了这些不文明行为。然而,在节假日游客高峰期,客流量大,游客乱投喂动物的不文明现象仍然时有发生,给园内动物管理增加了难度,希望广大游客文明游园,莫乱投喂。   (记者 柳书节)相关的主题文章:

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