Wall-E the first artist finale! Jiang Xin followed by Hua Fei winsockfix

"Wall-E" the first artist finale! Jiang Xin followed by Hua Fei Sina entertainment news from the Zhejiang satellite TV [micro-blog] to media, media, and joy only cultural co produced the original season broadcast Comedy Competition played variety comedy "Nemo" upcoming 20:30 tonight ushered in the first artist finale. Liu Tao [micro-blog], Alan; Li Chen, Yue Yunpeng [micro-blog] [micro-blog]; Chen Jia Ling [micro-blog], [micro-blog]; [micro-blog] Jiang Xin, often far four group partner carefully preparing for, have come up with a killer. Jiang Xin re Hua Fei Classic, and often far across the playing Chen He, Jia Ling; the new red sorghum moved the audience; Li Chen and Yueh Sun teamed up with the Yue Yunpeng challenge group of comic "watch me change 72"; Alan relay Shen Teng [micro-blog], Liu Tao hand in hand into the wonderful world of fairy tales. Classic reproduction, "Hua Fei" in the scene! In the case of love often far in front of the two shows, Jiang Xin, often far composed "often Kaixin combination" for the audience to bring "the legend of the Condor Heroes", "to love you" two different styles of works, this week’s show Jiang Xin will reproduce the "Hua Fei" classic and often far field play through. As a few times to see the 40 "The Legend of Zhen Huan" enthusiasts, often far will pass through to the "Xin Fei" is the day of death, make every effort to change the fate of the empress. It is worth mentioning that Jiang Xin on stage in costume is captured six years ago "the original drama" when wearing The Legend of Zhen Huan suits, other stunning, beautiful burst. Chen Jia Ling New Red Sorghum moved the audience Chen He, Jia Ling this is the "meat" combination, this week will be the new red sorghum onto the stage. About Chen’s escort team captain and Jia Ling as the daughter of a wealthy family, ironic but touching love story. In the face of rampant bandits and lovers in love, two people will make what kind of choice? In an interview with reporters, Chen said: the play may have been laughing, but give us unexpected results. Li Chen Yue Yunpeng Yueh Sun challenges upgrade three Juexue group offer this week, Li Chen in the comedy "Nemo" on the stage of the challenge will upgrade again, in the dedication of the "straight man" and "good mother" playing two types of performances, and will join Yue Yunpeng, Yueh Sun challenge three group. The show, like "gossip" and "fortune teller" Yue Yunpeng live show hidden years of exclusive "Juexue", but because the trick is not fine by defeating, on-site help master Guo Degang [micro-blog]: "I was planing to live". It is worth mentioning that Yue Yue added a lot of improvisation and interactive content in the show, comedy newcomer Li Chen to react to look forward to? Alan on behalf of the class Shen Teng, Liu Tao in "my fairy tale" Liu Tao Shen Teng group, this week will be the same as the replacement, happy twist actor Alan will relay Shen teng. And Liu Tao is also the first time before the stage to get the script, saying that a lot of confidence. But Alan admits the pressure is too big to describe in words. This actually play, they perform a hilarious tale on the stage, Liu Tao live happy girl to marry the prince broke out, second "anthomaniac" Princess Alan to win back the hearts of hero. What a pair will be in the starting of artists ending the war come)相关的主题文章:

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