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Walton said the warriors won’t have a pending rotation turns singles hope ESPN: United Arab contract low risk high return Walton to build his warrior system of Tencent September 1st sports news according to the "Losangeles times" news, the new gym was completed, coach Luke Walton led the group of young players attended the ceremony. In the interview, Walton talked about the team of young players grow up, old club warriors and the new season of the rotation, his remarks to the Chinese player Yi Jianlian hope. Walton said the Lakers this summer fair competition is the rotation introduced Luol Deng, Mozgov and other players, look the Lakers new season starting five have been released, many people predicted that Russell, Jordan – Clarkson, Luol Deng, Julius Randall and Mozgov will not first contact. As for the new Ingram show Bangyan, he may serve as backup shooting guard or small forward. But Walton said he hasn’t been determined starting five, he pay attention to fair competition, who have no privilege. "You can determine a set in your mind first, but I am not sure the new season starts, everyone had to rely on their own strength and performance to win a rotation position," Walton said, "no matter who, as long as a better performance than the other, he will be the first qualification." The main goal of the new season the Lakers is the training of young players, Ingram, little Larry nance are starting the competition. As for Yi Jianlian, he also has the opportunity to compete in the rotation as a substitute or even a starter. Walton’s words will give Yi Jianlian a reassurance, as long as he took out a performance that can keep the team qualified. The Lakers country that Yi Jianlian, Mozgov, and the characteristics of the different characteristics of the four players, the four will compete for posts on. This summer the young players have been training hard, Walton was happy with the account his attitude, he said: "they are very good, young players every day to work, they seem to enjoy playing with each other, continue to move the ball in the summer, this is all you can ask." Walton said that he will be brave warriors, the rapid transfer of the ball grafted to the Lakers offensive system. This summer the warriors got Kevin – Durant, the formation of the luxury four giants, many people worry that the ball is not enough points, in the past to share the ball system will collapse, but did not worry about the slightest bit of the. "They have no problem, in the way they play, Steve Cole’s coaching style, they won’t have a problem," Walton said, "they continue to move the ball, no matter who is in vacancy can be shot, they will not take turns singles. Warriors play is a group of players to transfer a large number of outstanding players." (from a dozen to five) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章:

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