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Aiyuaichou old artist Cai Guoqing respectively is the word what the old artist Huang Xiao Zhuo Wei was ignited, sinister connotation. As Cai Guoqing was also offbeat in box, because he will cushion the toe and rub face Dafa, keeping the body skin good soil and water conservation, appearance than ordinary artist freeze age, so he is a bit long attributive coexisting DeYiShuangXin wisdom and beauty of the old artists. Recently, around the hot topic of Cai Guoqing, mainly because he took the baby son of Qing Qing on "4" program, father, father pliant, plus before Cai Guoqing was interviewed on marital status has been the cloud, and is rather than I get married I have a family; sometimes is some of the there are sometimes; even buy more than and 10 engagement ring hold onto the other young heart, never married the incision, suddenly there was a very sweet very handsome of the Qing Qing, people explore the heart bursting with curiosity to eat melon is understandable. Qing Qing with dad feelings that is not to say that Cai Guoqing said his wife is married to this age, as an understanding wife and loving mother, don’t get married do not want publicity, the child is his rehabilitation Qinliqinwei, body leverage, no foreign aid. In his "father" in hundreds of red eyes, son to him to blow the injured hand, eyes were red. Son in the show good performance, he was proud, eye socket is red. It is too sentimental. Cai Guoqing said in an interview before my father taught him to sing frequently beaten, strictly to the level of violence, now know that dad is good for themselves, but one day they have children, so he must not. Cai Guoqing is a super soft see Dad, head bowed as a child slave. We think everyone is our mirror, will become the next generation of mirror, mirror image upside down in the past, it is a closed circle, we have come to feel the opposite, just walk to the next round, who can not jump out of the circle of destiny. "Chris" long live, love a little dust Zhao Xixi iron girl Yang Qiangyun my impression of Cai Guoqing, Zhao dust in "long live youth" that made Luigi Nono after Yang Qiangyun, speaking a little invisible body rhythm, big eyes hushanhushan very sincere, is a can let female produce protective pattern a man is a small meat originator. Of course, Cai Guoqing prefers the prince charming, a bit of a sense of the word, as he is very quiet distance, Li Jing said the artist, he must correct, actor. Speak once, correct one time. Two times in the title, actor for him a dignity of occupation sense of the word, he did not think of themselves as artists, conversation, for now the little star artists, with a condescending diaphragm, or another gas, red is not some of the comments come to his ears, superiority becomes this kind of old conversation taboo "when I sing to make money, you are not born yet." Little boy that era is too glorious to make money is not the most proud of, Cai Guoqing’s starting point, is now the artist can not touch the ceiling. He was born in the Central Opera courtyard, 7 year old was admitted to the Central People’s Radio Children’s Choir, the Milky Way CCTV art group, Beijing city children’s Palace Art Troupe at the time of the three Beijing top)相关的主题文章:

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