What ear point like arrogant Lin Chiling wears white yarn out of the van – Beijing tender vy canis majoris

What ear point like "arrogant" Lin Chiling wears white yarn out of soft – Fan children Beijing this Saturday night "my new clothes" will bring a "retro" fashion show. In order to better show the sisters charm at the stage, the host Lin organized a training show, and start T ear temporary teacher, teach you to show, the other four also known as the goddess immediately Sui teacher; although Sui he smiled and said the next step is to start Wurenzidi, but still stand out generous share. Cheats: "don’t laugh, try not to look at the camera." However, the surrounding people can not help wondering, if you do not look at the camera and see where? "A little higher than the camera, you must not look at the following people." Very savvy Wang Likun instantly said to "arrogant", where the ear again and again: "yes, we must agree to do." The teaching will have dance skills of actual combat, Wang Likun instantly turned robot, expressionless catwalk, Lin Chiling wore the white dress and interpretation of how to get out of the gentle range of children, but the occupation habit but her could not put eyes on the stage, Wu Xin will play a funny laugh all the catwalk running skills. (Liu Sheng)相关的主题文章:

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