Whimsy! The 6 girls in the salt making new westernchamber reshacker

Whimsy! The 6 girls in the salt making new "westernchamber" to Jiaxing City, Haining Yanguan resort people will discover that there is a different character: tide like ambition, if the ancient city of leisure, can be passionate, you can quietly. Feng Jiaqian, a student from the Oriental Institute of Zhejiang University of Finance and economics, said that the "official", like an old man, is tolerant of everything. Just be patient and listen to others. Why do you say that? Because at the end of September and early October for several days, Feng Jiaqian and 5 students came to the Yanguan resort, shooting training micro film "new romance". Their ideas, let the romance "encounter Yanguan, staged a romantic love story of the ancient city. Did you make it? The costume they directed through drama has been on the line! 6 the new girl "the West Chamber" Feng Jiaqian, Ding Qingqing, Yan Jun, Chen ya, Zhu Lin, Zhou Qianqian high is the humanities and the Arts Institute senior student Oriental College, they all love Chinese classical culture. For this reason, in the college to carry out training activities in the selection of topics, the 6 together to think of shooting a costume micro film. The training activity is a comprehensive practice course of Humanities and art Branch Oriental College, students characteristics is a multi-disciplinary team of teachers, cross professional guidance, to complete a real or high simulation project as the carrier, expand extracurricular practice. 6 people were from advertising, Chinese language and literature, visual communication professional, so to write the script, filming, post production publicity and other people can stand up to share, drama actor invited several male guest college. We usually love to watch "the West Chamber", as an adaptation! The mention of adaptation, everyone was excited. So say you say me, together, in the ancient literature teacher under the guidance of Lin Xiange, released the first draft of the script. The script for "the West Chamber" as the starting point, but as a drama. One day, the Chinese language and literature major college girls Xiao Man and friends came to visit the ancient city of Yinyin Cui Yan Guan "westernchamber" exhibition in the exhibition, because an ancient picture magically through to "the West Chamber" is depicted in the world. Xiao Man became a matchmaker, Cui Yinyin Cui Yingying. After crossing, two people by virtue of the "westernchamber" memory, cleverly integrated into the environment. But thinking and the ancient custom of modern people is hard to avoid the collision, two people of life is full of joys and challenges: conflicts and thought the old lady, and Zhang and Du accurate and leisure and ideal setting for a couple in love, her son, Jane’s wits. Getting used to and love two people through life, finally because of the ancient painting again, fell into the dilemma of fate…… Self first micro film shooting the whole film by the training team members self-directed. Guest Director Zhu Lin said, salt has a profound cultural heritage, existing ancient buildings, the most suitable for story telling. Shooting is mainly concentrated in 3 days, shooting in Chen Ge house, in the hospital, Yang Bing Zhai Qisheng etc, and after some bupai. Starring Feng Jiaqian said, because of limited funds, most of the money used in the clothing, some small props it yourself, "Yanguan resort responsible person know that we want to shoot micro film, but also help us.相关的主题文章:

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