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Why does Zhu Ting become the most cattle 90: armguards show the national flag, the Olympic champion Zhu Ting MVP- sports Sohu into the most cattle: why 90 armguards show the national flag, the Olympic champion Liu MVP, comprehensive observation there is no doubt that Zhu Ting is now the hottest sports China sports stars, she and Sun Yang, Lin Dan composed of sports stars three of the most influential group the. In the 2016 "just released the China 90 10 influential figures" award, she beat Wang Junkai, Li Haocheng, Zhang Yishan, Fu Yuanhui, Guan Xiaotong, Shi Kesheng, carambola, Zhang Tianyi, Zhang Yuning and other entertainment, business, sports stars, becoming the most cattle 80. This list, Captain TFBOYS Wang Junkai in last year’s "90 top ten influential people list, Guan Xiaotong is a" national daughter ", other selected 90 have made very dazzling achievements in their respective fields, why Zhu Ting can beat them top of the league? You can look at the results of Zhu ting and loved by the Internet users. First, her performance is very good, the end of the August Rio Olympics, women’s volleyball performance in the group phase of poor conditions, the playoffs began she shows a very high level, the first is to lead the team out of the most popular, the defending champion Brazil in the semi-finals, then entered the finals in the semi-final and final revenge Holland, defeated the Serbia miracle win. During the Olympic Games, she scored 179 points (158 points, 15 points of attack blocking, serving 6 points) cut the scoring, and won the best player in the MVP. One year before the Olympics, she helped the team win the 2015 women’s Volleyball World Cup champion, for Lang Ping as the China coach no world champion regret, she also with perfect play, won the best player in the MVP. After the Olympics, Zhu Ting to 1 million 100 thousand euros to join the Turkey League champion tile Bank of Keifer, and soon became the core of the team. Although just in the end of the world cup, Zhu Ting to 103 points (77 points, 19 points of attack blocking, serving 7 points) and then won the king, helped Keifer win the bronze medal and tile bank, become the first person in the history of the tournament scoring pobai. At the same time the team, won the best watch will spike. Let users love to her Club World Championship flag armguards. The Club World Cup opener, Zhu Ting scored 28 points, and the creation of the block tournament record, help Wakif bank 3-1 victory over Japan Hisamitsu pharmaceutical. The game, in addition to beautiful incomparable data, her armguards flag on more eye-catching, Zhu Ting bluntly: "to play abroad, or on behalf of China, wear it very powerful." The origin of the armguards, according to her it was at home when he had in mind, and sister embroidery. For the famous armguards, netizen called "patriotic small armguards". Zhu Tingdao: the origins of a armguards armguards before I came to Turkey to play for, because I love the feeling of wearing a pick armguards. But when the time to buy is not the two sides of the small flag, thinking of going out to play, or on behalf of China, there must be a little special decoration, so the production of a special flag to the earth.相关的主题文章:

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