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Xi’an fine art painting market looming vitality rain is scarce resources the school door more depression Sanqin Metropolis Daily reporter Li Zonghua photo news that the impression of autumn, yellow leaves, sky, day will be peaceful and gentle. Unexpectedly, in the fall of this year, but in such a rainy and touching gesture. Xi’an college door, rain washes the bluestone ground, mist. In the 400 years of calligraphy and painting wheree Dong Jianwei (a pseudonym), a friend of wandering for a long time, finally in a gallery in a piece of calligraphy, Siping foot, 7000 yuan. Dong is quite well known in the circle of calligraphy and painting market researchers. Friends looked for a long time, still not allowed to buy or not to buy, so cheap, is it true?" Dong Duding is not a fake. The other explained, "put a few years ago, this word at least 10 times the price of it?" This is a picture of Shaanxi famous calligrapher’s early works, his calm, simple structure, easy tricks. See the guest to wait, the gallery owner eagerly seized, "if the market downturn, to tell the truth, this word I are reluctant to sell." In fact, compared with previous years, Xi’an calligraphy and painting market is being ushered in the transition period and test period real. Although there are still private transactions, but by the market environment, the door of many galleries, calligraphy and painting auction began is becoming a bookstore, make only superficial changes, flower shop, convenience store. 1 out of the water market when the weather is good, go to the college gate around, Chen has become a habit of unshakable friendship. As the country’s well-known "elegant tour of the" College gate of downtown, and the development of ink paintings, antiques, closely. Probably around 2013, Chen Youyi found a phenomenon: he often went to a gallery, posted the transfer of two words. Also from the beginning of this year, the door greatly small gallery, Museum of art, many are hung up the lease or transfer of the words. "Universal recession is an indisputable fact," sitting in the shop, the boss Cao Wenji made a pot of Spring Snail, pointing to the road east several cafes, "here, the small fresh shop, in the past are galleries, bustling, now money is tight, turnover dropped significantly," do not necessarily stay in. "." Cao Wenji’s shop sells red paper. He was in Anhui, before working in the state-run paper factory, later the factory restructuring, he contracted a paper factory in Xi’an to start a business, to rice paper. Sell paper, avoid and deal with the calligrapher and painter. Cao Wenji said, a few years ago a large number of social hot money into calligraphy, calligraphy and painting market is hot, not only caused the geometric and price growth, also leads to the abnormal development of the market. "The past is high, too many bubbles, too much water." Cao Wenji to paper as an example, the paper, made of wingceltis bark, save hundreds of years without deformation, a knife (100) to sell a few thousand dollars, or even tens of thousands of yuan. Not good for the paper, filled with straw, a knife a few yuan, "the only known as the calligraphy and painting, rather than the true sense of the paper." "There are a lot of so-called相关的主题文章:

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