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Xiaolong 821 supports Google Daydream VR platform faster than 820 10%The Verge Chinese station reported on September 2nd outside of the 821 Qualcomm snapdragon chip already know. Xiaolong 821 faster than 820 10%, integrated quad core CPU (CPU) clock frequency of 2.4GHz, will be the first in the ASUS Zenfone 3 Deluxe. Qualcomm Wednesday at the international consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin disclosed more Xiaolong 821 data, including it is likely to be the main mobile phone hardware running Google Daydream virtual reality platform components. Qualcomm Xiaolong 821, including the VR snapdragon SDK support, and support Daydream, so the 821 will support Daydream, this also means that Zenfone 3 will support Daydream Deluxe. After all, ASUS is one of the eight Daydream hardware partners, Zenfone 3 Deluxe support Daydream reasonable. The Verge also learned that some of the longer release of the phone will also support Daydream, because ZTE said Axon 7 compatible Daydream. Some media published an article saying that 821 battery life of more than 820 long, GPU (graphics processor) speed is also faster than 5%. The Verge did not confirm other equipment will be configured Xiaolong 821 chip, but the upcoming Android flagship mobile phone will be very attractive. (author: Ashley Carman translation: Wen Xin) first Xiaolong 821 processor or Lumia mobile phone unveiled Microsoft no longer in production equipment English [Click to view the original Chinese rights of American The Verge works by Tencent Inc, without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章:

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