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With the driving force behind Zhang Lei: the best investment does not need to exit the Internet several big merger has always been low-key Hillhouse capital founder Zhang Lei repeatedly pushed to the tuyere. From the beginning of 2015 drops and quick, Ctrip and where to go, the U.S. group and the public comment, beautiful and mogujie.com, until shortly before the acquisition of Uber Chinese drops, are behind the Hillhouse figure, "and behind the scenes" argument is frequently thrown. Zhang Lei remained silent. Close to him told "China entrepreneur", Zhang Lei’s attitude is that the merger is more the demands of the enterprise, and he thinks that to do business or to the founders and management, so there is no need of external sound. It is his habit of silence to the outside of Gaoling lack of stereo perception, and venture capital circles on his investment style is not well understood. Because once something in two markets, someone has mistaken Hillhouse a hedge fund. This let Zhang Lei think outside the understanding of Hillhouse is not accurate, not in place. Within a short span of 10 years, Zhang Lei will be a pure local fund companies from zero to the core of the venture capital circle position. Tencent, Jingdong, drops, Uber, the United States and other giants or star companies on their investment list. Hillhouse has a characteristic, or not to vote, but when there may be billions of dollars. The outside world is hot, they are not to the Sequoia, IDG and other old companies pick sacked? As long as there is a chance, Zhang Lei explained "we are not to mind taking the trouble, with early investment Sequoia. They are not the same, Hillhouse will be evergreen fund from the establishment of the first day, the main post, centralized investment." Really lay the status of their rivers and lakes is of great significance to all Tencent investment Jingdong. This leveraging the Internet industry changes in the pattern of equity investment, almost by Zhang Lei hand and push. Because you see the mobile era of social and electricity supplier combined with unlimited potential, he pulled Ma Huateng and Liu Qiangdong together. But for two such volume of the company, cooperation is not easy. He said with a smile, "that was the Tencent responsible for electricity Wu Xiaoguang will come to see me with a knife." The results of this person but the overall interests of Tencent mind. This cooperation is almost Ma Huateng, Liu Qiangdong, and four people in the core of the core of the details of the preparation of the men and women, and the core of the details of the. It can be seen that the two companies attach importance to marriage. Even after a year of cooperation between the two sides, the Tencent two supreme leader will personally intervene related affairs and Jingdong. Not long ago, Tencent invested $200 million holdings of Jingdong shares reached 21.25%, becoming the largest shareholder of the latter. Whether it is to consolidate the relationship between Tencent and, or to mention gas Jingdong, the two companies are bound to reflect the deep. At the same time invested in two companies Zhang Lei is the most suitable for the matchmaking. In 2005, Zhang Lei’s career was the first big bet on Tencent. At that time, the valuation of the Tencent is less than $2 billion, and now the market value of $249 billion to become China’s largest technology company. Now, Zhang Lei still holding Tencent shares. If you ask why his return on investment is so jealous? He stressed that "because Gaoling is doing long-term value investment and looking for a great view of the pattern of enterprises Lei相关的主题文章:

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