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Zhao Bin "Zunyi conference" was like a fire three movie together open – Sohu Sohu Zhao Bin photo entertainment entertainment news recently, the Silk Road International Film Festival held in Xi’an, Zhao Bin bring film "Zunyi conference" to participate in the film festival, the movie theme thick, especially have extraordinary historical significance. Zhao Bin Fang Yunxiao played in the film should not only have a rough sense of history, but also embodies the courage and resourcefulness of the soldiers in the revolutionary struggle. Zhao Bin himself said, in order to better explain the role, before the shooting also consulted a lot of information, in order to show more real to the audience Fang Yunxiao. The day before Zhao Bin, called the three film together and force, he starred in the movie "Zunyi conference" in Xi’an Premiere audience. Not only that, by Zhao Bin starred in the movie "bar" on flowering in October 21st will also be shown to the public, the schedule is full. And starring Zhao Bin in the movie "big shot! One thousand and eight hundred! "It just won the Montreal International Film Festival Award for best directorial debut, Zhao Bin in the play as a character Wu Huide, highly infectious, shine at the film festival, causing the audience hot.   相关的主题文章:

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