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Zhengzhou central heating is not hot tomorrow home for Zhengzhou district heating charge of central heating tomorrow officially launched this year to take what new measures, home is not hot to whom the…… These issues are the most concerned about the issue of the general public. In November 13th, jointly held a press briefing in Zhengzhou City Management Bureau, Zhengzhou Thermal Power Corporation, ready to report this winter heating. – Oriental Daily News chief correspondent Liang Xinhui · the mammoth [new] source: winter and changes with two new heat source is put into use in November 13th at 1:15, included in the Zhengzhou 20 thousand and 160 practical livelihood of the Zhengzhou Thermal Power Corporation two road "coal to gas" a successful ignition project. Two road boiler room is responsible for the Zhengzhou Railway Station, the 27 square of the two business district heating tasks. After the implementation of coal to gas, the two road boiler room can reduce dust emissions by 82.34 tons per year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 122.37 tons, nitrogen oxides of 323.87 tons. At the same time, the Beijiao heat plant were also "coal to gas", and in the winter operation. In Zhengzhou this winter heating source will be put into operation 11, mainly consists of two parts: Cogeneration heat, gas heat source plant. Among them, the cogeneration power plant, including the source of Zheng Dong new district is located in the urban area of the Sony power plant, located in Xinmi power plant is located in Xingyang Xingyang Yuzhong, Guodian, located in the high tech Zone taixiang power plant; gas heat source and gas boiler room 6 factory is located in Dongming Road, seven street, Zaozhuang, Beijiao government, two road, aviation port. The general manager of New Area: winter heating area of 7 million square meters of Zhengzhou Thermal Power Corporation Zhang Shu said that this year the new Changxin Road, optimize the transformation of the agricultural road, cotton road and other key network, China Unicom in Xingyang cited heat into Zheng diversion pipeline bridge, "big things" the overall framework is more optimized. The new pipe network 87 kilometers, a heating pipe network reached 1760 km, covering North – West City of Victoria – South Fourth – Beijing high-speed, radiation to the surrounding air port, the total heating capacity of 85 million 40 thousand square meters, an area of 60 million 650 thousand square meters of actual heat. "In recent years, with the city of Zhengzhou city continues to expand the scale, the average annual increase of the net area of 10 million square meters, this year added the actual heating area of 7 million square meters." Zhang Shu said that the new heating area covering the city’s various regions, mainly to new projects based. At present, the development of Zheng Dong New District Baisha park to accelerate, whether included in the scope of central heating? Zhang Shu explained that at present, the heating pipe network has not been extended to this area, they will be based on the use of heat demand, ahead of the construction of pipe network. Heat station: 1438 thermal power station has taken over this year in charge of the heating of the 11 heat sources, Zhengzhou thermal power company has not only Zheng Dong thermal power plant, there are 6 gas boiler room. At the same time, speed up the unit, residential property from the heat pipe station take over. It is reported that the management of the user on behalf of the user of the thermal station on behalf of 1438 of the total number of thermal stations 74.76%, will effectively improve the thermal power station and the courtyard network operating conditions. At present, there are nearly 400 thermal power station is not in our jurisdiction, mainly including the following three categories: Office of the thermal station, the unit.相关的主题文章:

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